Documentary Review and Interesting Information: Bought Movie: Your Health Brought To You By Wall Street

Documentary Review and Interesting Information:  October 14, 2014


Your Health Brought To You By Wall Street


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If we do not collectively understand what has gone radically wrong in our so-called “democracy,” we cannot possibly take the grassroots steps needed to begin to fix it.  Those steps are always going to involve making different consumer choices, beginning with the choices that impact our health the most drastically.

Science is no longer the arbitrator of what is good for human health.  The market–industry–corporations–has replaced science with their need for profits.  They’ve co-opted our regulatory and legal structures so that they are now toothless.

Well-being doctors are caught in “kool aid loops” produced by industry that does not allow conflicting information into the loop.  Doctors are tied to one-size-fits-all “standards of care” that they pretty much have to practice if they want to keep their licenses. Most docs have no nutritional training whatsoever, so do not understand the roll good, or bad, food plays in human health.

Jeff Hays is a respected and award-winning film maker.

Bought Movie | Jeff Hays FilmBought Movie | Your Health Brought To You By Wall Street.

Many of us are sick.  It’s time to make changes.  Start with understanding the problems.


PS:  the DVD will be coming out shortly.