Turkey Tracks: Sunrise on Mount Desert, From Isle Au Haut

Turkey Tracks:  May 6, 2010

Sunrise on Mount Desert, From Isle Au Haut

I’ve been working on two small art quilts that will hang in our newly painted bedroom.  I’ve finished this one:  Mount Desert From Isle Au Haut. 



Mount Desert is Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, Maine, and it is one of the most beautiful places on this earth.  The highest mountain is Cadillac Mountain.   Mount Desert is pronounced “dessert,” like a sweet.  The first time I heard this pronouncement I thought the person saying it was making a mistake.   Instead, I just didn’t know–which is not unusual.  I have always read so much that I know many words by sight, but have, often, not actually heard them pronounced.  They exist in my brain in an alternate universe.   

Isle Au Haut, or High Island, is where Linda Greenlaw lobsters.  You remember her, right?  She was the woman long-boat captain in THE PERFECT STORM.  She still lobsters I think.  But she also writes books.  Her mother is a famous cook on Isle Au Haut and in the region.  Linda and her mother wrote a cookbook together. 

John and I visited Isle Au Haut for our son Bryan’s 40th birthday celebration–a visit planned by his wife, Corinne.  One goes to the island on the mail boat, and we went out in a storm, which was quite exciting.  The only cars on the island are old ones, so everyone bikes and hikes around and, occasionally, get rides from local people with cars.  Berries grow wild, and the air smells so sweet.  It’s a magic place.  We stayed at the Inn at Isle Au Haut, and the view in the quilt is from the inn’s dock.      

The companion piece pictures the Blue Moon we had in December 2009.  The moon is rising over the Camden Hills and Megunticook Lake.  It is almost done.  But, with the early spring, I’ve been out in the yard a lot and have not quilted very much.   

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I am passionate about whole, nutrient-dense foods, developing local markets, and strengthening communities.

2 thoughts on “Turkey Tracks: Sunrise on Mount Desert, From Isle Au Haut”

  1. This is beautiful. I was married atop Cadillac Mountain in 2008 and was searching for a Cadillac Mountain quilt for ideas recently. Your artwork is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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