Turkey Tracks: Nancy’s Dirt Bath

Turkey Tracks:  May 7, 2010

Nancy’s Dirt Bath

Nancy is an Ameraucana Wheaten chicken.  She is one of two Wheaten hens we have.  The other one is named Sally.    Nancy was Martha Washington.  But, she isn’t a Martha.  She’s a Nancy.  And, Sally was Sally Ross until we recalled that the flagmaker was not Sally Ross, but Betsy.  We already have three chickens with “B” names.  We don’t need another one.  Anyway, Sally is a Sally.  The Wheatens lay medium-sized blue eggs that are as smooth and shiny as polished rocks.  These girls needed American names because their flockmates are French Copper Black Marans.

Both of the Wheatens love dirt baths and take several every sunny day.  It’s something to watch.  Here’s something of a sequence though this dirt bath thing goes on for a long time:

Then, there’s always the moment when the Wheatens go so into the moment that they look like they’ve died, which can really give you a start if you’ve not seen them do it.  Oh my God, you think.   Something’s killed one of the chickens!!!


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