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Turkey Tracks: Dianne Hire’s Quilts

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Turkey Tracks:  December 16, 2010

Dianne Hire’s Quilts

Dianne Hire came to visit with Coastal Quilters during their December monthly meeting.  She has a new book out, and we wanted to see it and some of her quilts that appear in it.

Dianne Hire is a nationally recognized quilter and teacher.  Her quilts have hung in major shows, like Houston and Kentucky.  Some are in permanent collections, like Houston.  We are so lucky that she lives nearby, in Northport. 

Her new book VIVACIOUS CURVY QUILTS came out in October:

Here’s the quilt from the cover:

Here is a picture of a quilt that uses the curved piecing method Dianne’s book teaches:

Isn’t it wonderful?  So lively.

Here’s a picture of this quilt hanging beside a quilt that has hung in numerous major shows:

Dianne also showed us a work-in-progress quilt that will be a masterpiece, a large quilt that will make a huge statement in the world of quilting.  I hesitate to show the whole top or even parts of it as I’m superstitious and because I’m not sure she’s ready to reveal this work at this stage.  But, hold your breath because it’s an amazing, delightful, intricate, colorful quilt.  And, quite different from her other work.  Dianne says this quilt has been living in her head for about 14 years.

I fell in love with a border she developed in her first book,  QUILTERS’ PLAYTIME:  GAMES WITH FABRICS.   Here’s a picture:  it’s the black and white border to the left of the quilt:

But, my interest was still bubbling at the meeting.  It wasn’t until I went home that I realized I really wanted to learn how to do these kinds of odd borders.  So, I ordered QUILTERS’ PLAYTIME online.  I wish I’d bought it from Dianne! 

GO DIANNE!  Finish that masterpiece!

Written by louisaenright

December 16, 2010 at 1:32 pm

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