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Turkey Tracks: Rat Dogs Love to Roll…In Filth

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Turkey Tracks:  June 13, 2011

Rat Dogs Love To Roll

In Filth

OK, they’re not really rat dogs.

They’re rat terriers.

Unless they’ve been over bred, they’re indomitable hunters and protectors.

They think they’re HUGE, and not much convinces them they’re not.

They love to roll in…whatever smelly awful thing they can find.  They’re always so sorry when their owners scream “no, no, go away, don’t get near me, you have to have a bath right now, why did you do it again, I just washed you yesterday, what were you thinking, come right now, no you cannot come in, stand right here until I find a towel…


She doesn’t look dirty in this picture because it’s her other side that’s plastered with some sort of goop–which came from–I don’t even want to know.  At the very least, deer scat.

Once washed, a rat dog has to run and roll in the grass.  If left inside, the rolling and drying would take place on all the furniture and the carpets.

Miss Reynolds Georgia, who is a highly bred babe, has, so far this year, escaped rolling and the following bath.  She is refusing to go outside unless she has a DIRE NEED.  We think she either got bitten by the black flies or dive bombed by a big bird.  She has NOT FORGOTTEN.

Written by louisaenright

June 13, 2011 at 6:54 pm

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