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Turkey Tracks: Walking the Dogs

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Turkey Tracks:  November 4, 2016

Walking the Dogs

When sister Susan came in mid October, we walked every day.

And I have been walking pretty much every day since as the weather has allowed the walking.

Walking is another of those activities that I’ve suddenly had energy for again.

I used to walk a lot, but when John was sick and after he died, I had no energy to walk.

Needless to say, the girlie rat dogs are in heaven.

Miss Reynolds Georgia, aka as The Beauty Queen, aka Rey Rey, is 13 years old now.  And, she’s pretty much deaf.  But she’s a game little dog and loves the daily walking.  She starts following me around shortly after her breakfast, wondering if its time to go out yet.  It’s like living with a child who is on a long car trip with you and who is asking “are we there yet” every few minutes.

Here she is–neither of my ratties will look at me if there is a camera in my hand.


I observed something really funny on our walk yesterday.

When we start out, especially if we walk Union Street in Camden which is a long straight road with a few hills/grades along the way, Penny is out front just moving along at a good clip, while Rey is behind us the full length of the retractable dog leash.  I thought Rey was just slower than Penny in catching all the delicious doggy smells along the way or peeing just where Penny already peed.

But, yesterday, when we turned around, Rey dashed to the front and started back the way we came at a no-nonsense good clip.


What’s going on with that?

Rey has always, always been timid about getting away from home grounds.  Even as a tiny puppy, she’d go about 50 feet from our yard and start worrying:  “Do you know where we are?  I think we’re lost.  I’m sure we’re lost.  Let’s go home now.  I don’t think you know what you’re doing.”

I thought that I’d just let her lead us and see what happened.  A mile later, we drew near the car, which was parked in a line of cars.  I thought for a minute that Rey would just walk past it, but halfway alongside the car, she stopped and sat down, just as good as a dog pointing a bird.


She’s like a horse heading back to the barn.

Next I took her on a circular two-mile walk where we would approach the car, which was off the road and in a parking lot, from an entirely different direction.

Again when we rounded the final turn and headed for the car, which was a good half-mile away, I watched to see if she would walk past the entrance to the off-road parking place.

Nope.  She turned into the lot and took me right to the car and sat down.

Rat terriers are so, so, so smart.

Rey also takes care of No No Penny.  She comes and gets me if Penny wants to go in or out.  She comes to get me when it’s time for her dinner.

I hate it that dogs have such a short life in comparison to our own time span.

Here’s No No Penny, who is a real rat dog–not a highly bred one that has been bred back to Chihuahuas to make them smaller.  She’s hunting for the chipmunks that live under the porch and fuss at her when she tries to huff and puff down the back seam of the porch floor where it meets the house wall.


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November 8, 2015 at 2:11 pm

Turkey Tracks: Miss Reynolds Georgia is Ready

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Turkey Tracks:  October 27, 2014

Miss Reynolds Georgia is Ready


to go in the car…


She does not look like she’s 12 years old, does she?

She doesn’t act like it either.  She plays and cavorts like a puppy.

She’ll be 13 on March 15, 2015.

Barring the two times I nearly killed her with the first/spring heartworm medicine pellet over the past three years (NOT this year as I finally learned and when Penny, who has a cast-iron stomach, reacted), she’s been pretty healthy.

She’s highly bred, so there have been some food issues–but not much any more since I can feed her whole ground chickens–the bones and organs and skin and EVERYTHING–mixed with my food, bone broths when I have them, and some dehydrated veggies for some of the food each week.  Oh, and chicken poop which she dearly loves.  Mercy!!

Her coat is Maine thick and as soft as velvet.

She is my shadow and runs my life a lot of the time.

I would not have it any other way.

PS:  Rey Rey is a “floppy ear” rat terrier, so she’s really listening or excited when her ears go up.

No No Penny’s ears are always up.  And No No Penny runs both Reynolds and me.



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October 27, 2014 at 2:56 pm

Turkey Tracks: Rat Dogs Love to Roll…In Filth

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Turkey Tracks:  June 13, 2011

Rat Dogs Love To Roll

In Filth

OK, they’re not really rat dogs.

They’re rat terriers.

Unless they’ve been over bred, they’re indomitable hunters and protectors.

They think they’re HUGE, and not much convinces them they’re not.

They love to roll in…whatever smelly awful thing they can find.  They’re always so sorry when their owners scream “no, no, go away, don’t get near me, you have to have a bath right now, why did you do it again, I just washed you yesterday, what were you thinking, come right now, no you cannot come in, stand right here until I find a towel…


She doesn’t look dirty in this picture because it’s her other side that’s plastered with some sort of goop–which came from–I don’t even want to know.  At the very least, deer scat.

Once washed, a rat dog has to run and roll in the grass.  If left inside, the rolling and drying would take place on all the furniture and the carpets.

Miss Reynolds Georgia, who is a highly bred babe, has, so far this year, escaped rolling and the following bath.  She is refusing to go outside unless she has a DIRE NEED.  We think she either got bitten by the black flies or dive bombed by a big bird.  She has NOT FORGOTTEN.

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June 13, 2011 at 6:54 pm