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Turkey Tracks: Indian Summer in Maine

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Turkey Tracks:  October 12, 2011

Indian Summer in Maine

Summer is officially over in Maine.

But, we have been blessed with some gorgeous fall weather, and now our leaves are coloring up fast.

We try to get as much outdoor sweater/light coat weather as we can these days.  Here’s John on the deck of The Waterfront restaurant in Camden, Maine, enjoying a fine, sunny lunch:


We had a wonderful time at MOFGA’s–Maine Organic Farmers’ and Growers’ Association–Common Ground Fair this year as well.  I can’t imagine how we both left cameras at home, but we did.  And, as usual, there were many wonderful pictures to be had.  I would especially have liked some of the many, fabulous hand-knit sweaters made with local yarns we saw.  Or, of the conga dancers–we finally saw what that was–and it was wonderful–not like square dancing at all, but done in long lines with couples who do repeating patterns that ensure that they move up and down the line–all to the sound of fiddle music.  (A violin sings but a fiddle dances, we learned.)

Here’s a picture of the bird house that John bought and hung on a tree where we can see it all winter long.  People hang lots of bird houses in their woods around their houses in Maine–they provide shelter for the birds that winter off in a storm.  John wants to make some with the grandchildren next summer.  We can’t wait for them to see it.

We celebrated Bryan’s birthday here, as I wrote in an earlier entry.  Here’s a picture of the outside of his birthday card.  I used pictures from their time in Maine to create the card–along with other bits of flotsam and jetsam collected along the way.  The buttons come from South Carolina.  The blue ribbon is off a box of chocolates we got from our new chocolate store here in town, Chocolatier Blue.  You wouldn’t believe these chocolates.

We ate the last of our lamb from last fall:  lamb shanks.  John thought the plate so pretty, he took this picture.  Everything on that plate but the lamb came from our garden.  See the little white pearl onions in the background.  The spaghetti squash came from  Hope’s Edge.  The green is Gundru, for fermented kale.  The white sauce on the tomatoes is homemade mayonnaise.  It was all delicious!  A great fall dinner.

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