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Turkey Tracks: Marathons and Roasted Squash

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Turkey Tracks:  October 31, 2011

Marathons and Roasted Squash

Tamara Enright ran the Marine Marathon yesterday–October 30, 2011.

For the second time.

Tami  said she was finished now.

I told her she’s run it again

She ran the marathon with Tara Derr Webb, and they had a nice girl visit in DC beforehand, which was especially nice as Tara has now moved to the Hudson Valley area of New York–to land where she can have more animals, more goats, and can grow things.  I believe chickens are also on the horizon.

Michael kept the children over the weekend:

Clearly they had fun.

Mike was aghast at the for-sale Halloween costumes and didn’t buy any.  He said they were over-the-top scary.  I heard words like blood, gore, and axes.

We never bought costumes when Mike and Bryan were little.  We made our own up.  More than once they went out in strips of sheets with splashes of ketchup tied around heads.  Or, sheets tied over their heads with eyes cut out.  Half the fun is making up your own costume.

As it was snowing here, I was cooking warm food:  roasted chicken and a seasonal favorite:  roasted squash, potatoes, green tomatoes, and onions with olive oil, LOTS of unpeeled garlic, and rosemary.  There is something wonderful about putting one of the dense, sweet squashes together with the last of the tart green tomatoes.  I only had three little ones left–so more would have been nice.  Here’s what the pan looked like on its way into the oven:

The squash is from a plant that volunteered itself in the bean row.  The potatoes are ours–grown in the blue buckets.  The rosemary is ours–I just moved the plants to a deeper part of the garden where the snowplow won’t get it and covered it with a bucket and lots of straw–we’ll see if it will winter over that way.  The onions and green tomatoes came from Hope’s Edge.

Basically, you just cut everything into the same size pieces–about 1 1/2 inches–drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle on an herb–we like rosemary on this one–salt and pepper–and bake at 375 about an hour–turning maybe once.  When the bits are starting to show brown spots, it’s done.  You can do it ahead and reheat it too.  The squash will cook faster than the potatoes, so make sure the potatoes are in small enough pieces.

I”m wondering if I can get the same tart/sweet flavor by using sweet potatoes or a sweet squash and some of my salted Meyer lemons…  I’ll get back to you on that one.

Here’s what it looks like done–I almost forgot to take a picture and did so after we had served our plates:

I love Blue Hubbard squash.  I tried to grow it this year, but it wasn’t a great year for squashes this year in Maine.  Too cool in August, which is usually really hot for us.

Blue Hubbard’s are HUGE. Back in the day, folks would cut into them and cut off what they wanted to cook that day.  The rest would hold in a cool room.  But I think I’ll cut it in half–friend Ronald suggested a saw, and I think he’s right–and just roast it all at once and freeze portions.  excuse the dishes drying in the background.  I put it next to a pineapple so you can see the relative nature of its size.  I’ll keep you posted on how the cooking goes…

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October 31, 2011 at 1:14 pm

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