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Turkey Tracks: Lunch in Wiscasset

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Turkey Tracks:  November 18, 2011

Lunch in Wiscasset

The day before we fly out of Portland, Maine, we usually drive the 2 hours south to Portland and spend the night in a Portland motel–where we leave our car during our trip.  The motel takes us to the airport the morning of our flight, and we don’t worry about mishaps getting to the airport and about not having a place to park in the airport parking garage.  We have time to poke around what used to be a Borders Book Store and which is now something called Books A Million, or BAM, and the Maine Mall.  We could, but have not yet, seen a movie.  And, we have dinner out.

We always start out around late morning and have lunch on the road.  This time we stopped in Wiscasset, which calls itself “the prettiest town in Maine.”  It IS a pretty town, and we enjoy spending an hour or so there.  This time we ate at Le Garage, which is at the end of the same street where the restaurant called Sarah’s sits.  Sarah’s, which has lovely fresh food, sits on a prominent corner in Wiscasset–across from Red’s Eats–an outdoor stand that is truly famous for its lobster rolls.  Sarah’s always has three huge vats of homemade soups and platters of homemade bread of many types–alongside many other menu choices–like fabulous pizza.  And, Sarah’s desserts are also fabulous!

Here’s John inside Le Garage:

Here’s the view from the restaurant windows out over the Sheepscot river.  Most of the lobster boats are now gone, and while we ate, we watched several lobstermen loading hauled traps onto their dockside trucks.

Le Garage is kind of a funny restaurant.  The menu reads really well, but the food that arrives is short of expectations.  For instance, my French Onion Soup had a delicious broth capped with a just-right size of toasted French bread that was coated with lovely melted cheeses.  But, the onions inside the soup had not been carmelized enough, so I was eating square pieces of onion, rather than slivers that should be nearly melting into the broth, that tasted undercooked and harsh.  The expensive dessert crepe, nearly $6, wasn’t tender and soft with a layer of ice cream inside.  Rather, it was as hard as a large, tasteless cannoli, and it was stuffed with way too much ice cream and smothered with a bought, nasty caramel sauce and fake whipped cream.  There’s really no excuse for faked whipped cream in Maine where we can get heavenly real, raw heavy whipping cream.  My salad lettuce was right out of a package–or it seemed that way–and the “lemonade” dressing had no oil in it and was tasteless.

My instinct is that Le Garage could be quite good with just a bit of a push into a more discerning direction.  Certainly, one feels its heart is in the right place…

The railroad tracks go right by the river, which would make for a scenic journey.  Here’s the view just outside Le Grange:

Books a Million, or BAM, is a big bookstore, much like the former Border’s.  Except its political section was so radically imbalanced that we opted not to buy anything in the store.  I’ve never seen so many far-right, highlyl charged texts in one place before.  No wonder large sections of the country are so intolerant of any other viewpoints if they are not exposed to any kind of balance in their reading materials!

PS:  On our way home, we stopped in Sarah’s for pizza.  Here’s what we took home:

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December 3, 2011 at 12:35 pm

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