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Turkey Tracks: Ailey at Hominey Grill

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Turkey Tracks:  December 7, 2011

Ailey at Hominey Grill

Hominey Grill in Charleston, SC, is the closest thing to my grandmother’s table that I’ve ever found.

Cooking of this sort is rapidly being lost I think, even in the south.

I want to pass on the love I have for this kind of food to my own grandchildren, so I take as many of them as I can to Homniney whenever I can.  (Thanks Tara Derr Webb for finding Hominey for me.)

Here’s Ailey on her very first trip.  It was also Bryan and Corinne’s first trip.  We went for breakfast, which is terrific, but lunch serves the kind of food I remember eating at my grandmother’s.  (Tami and I went there on our “escape” day for lunch and ate too much to have dessert, which is awesome at Hominey’s.)

Ailey is eating her first scrambled egg.  She doesn’t get pancakes yet because babies don’t have the enzymes to digest grains until they get their molars, around two years of age.

In the following week, Tami and I took Talula and Wilhelmina, who are attending school two days a week, to Hominey for breakfast.  They are old hands now and truly love to go, which warms my heart.  Talula ate all three of her pancakes, all of her bacon, and half of mine.  The boys are furious with us!

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December 7, 2011 at 12:40 pm

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