Turkey Tracks: “Seriously Scrappy” Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  April 13, 2012

Seriously Scrappy Quilt

Here’s the latest finished quilt from “The Scrappy Quilt Project.”  Starting with a pattern from SUCCESSFUL SCRAP QUILTS (Judy Turner and Margaret Rolfe), I made light and dark blocks and alternated them.  So far, so good:

I had already pulled enough rectangles to make two other quilts–one of those tops is finished so will go on the long-arm next week.  The other uses strips of the cream-colored rectangles with some rich dark brown fabric and, maybe, a coordinating paisley.  So this quilt, already named “Seriously Scrappy” is using up as many of the remaining rectangles as is possible.

I had enough red and green rectangles to make a border–see?

Here’s a different angle:

With the top in hand, I went down to get help from Marge Hallowell of Mainely Quilts–who has been a great advisor with The Scrappy Quilt Project, and ran right into a fabric that had just come into the store.  I knew at first sight it would be perfect for the back:

See how well the top and this fabric play together–especially when bound with the great olive green striped fabric cut on the bias.  I make all my bindings on the bias now.  They just perform and wear so much better than using a straight grain.

Here’s a close-up of the quilting–with a few stray white dog hairs in the picture.  The dogs love it when I put bindings on quilts; they get beneath the quilt on both sides of me.  I used the Bishop’s Fan pattern groovy boards for the first time, and I LOVED doing it–so much I ordered a third board to make the quilting easier for the Bishop’s Fan and for the clam shell pattern.  Groovy boards make this daunting pattern really easy, and I love the way it looks on the quilt itself.  I used a variegated green Superior thread that Marge Hallowell of Mainely Quilts helped me pick out.  It’s beautiful on both sides of the quilt.  You always have to remember how a thread will look on both sides of a quilt–and I don’t like threads to really stand out all that much usually.

Years ago, my sister Maryann Enright asked me for a quilt that “had all the other quilts in it.”  So, Maryann, here it is!

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