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Interesting Information: The Maine CDC Joins the Salt War

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Interesting Information:  April 15, 2012

The Maine CDC Joins the Salt War

Recently, the Maine CDC ran a warning in our local paper, The Camden Herald, about the dangers of salt consumption.  Its conclusions were based on a 2010 study out of Stanford.

At best, this Stanford study can only be called junk science.  As such, it—and our government’s support of it–will only confuse people about how to eat.

First, the study uses data from the Framingham heart study.  Framingham relies on what people said they were eating–which is famously always already vexed.  Stanford singles out salt consumption.  But, what about everything else folks were eating that might cause heart disease?  Therefore, this Stanford study can only show correlation, not causation with regard to salt consumption.  Acting from correlation is famously not scientific.

Second, the 2010 Stanford study’s results are based on a computer model that predicts causation.  But, computer models only work if they are using correct data.  This data can only be based on faulty information since people are only remembering what they think they have eaten.

Third, there are many, many studies showing that salt consumption is not related to blood pressure.  Or, heart disease.  You can read an essay I wrote on the salt wars on this blog:  Mainely Tipping P0ints 38.  You can view a video refuting this government anti-salt campaign, “The Salt Guru:  Fight Feds for Salt Freedom,” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re_V0pazMfc&feature=youtu.be.   And you can view the Weston A. Price’s press release on their main web page, http://www.globenewswire.com/newsroom/news.html?d=243574.  .

Salt is crucial for human health, so why is our government starting another salt war?  One reason might be industry production costs, especially when industry is using a lot of salt to mask the quality of inferior, fake foods.

We need to insist that our government be more careful about warning people about what is dangerous to eat.  We need to insist that our government does not facilitate or participate in faulty belief systems.  We need to insist that our government promotes solid science.  Otherwise, our government is working for industry and not for us.

Eat good salt, though, not the fake kind.  Buy unprocessed sea salt.



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