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Turkey Tracks: Using Leftover Scrap Yarn

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Turkey Tracks:  July 3, 2012

Using Leftover Scrap Yarn

This blog’s readers know I’ve been engaged all winter with what I call “The Scrappy Project,” which is using quilting fabrics left over from over 80 quilts–and already cut into useable shapes and stored–to make scrappy quilts that I really, really like.  I have only been knitting about six or seven years this go-round, but, already, I’ve accumulated more scrap yarn than I felt comfortable storing.

My friend, master knitter Giovanna McCarthy, gave me two ideas/patterns for using up this scrap knitting yarn.  I chose this one from Shelly Kang’s blog–www.shellykang.com.  Once there, look for “Let’s Do a Gauge Swatch.”  You can even get to the pattern by googling “Let’s Do a Gauge Swatch.”  The directions are perfect and there are lots of pictures so you can clearly see how to proceed.  The project reminds me of making a quilt–it’s little squares of differing colors, knitted “on point.”

First, I made a series of the squares from some of my available scrap yarns.  The top one is made with a thicker yarn and is a bit bigger.  The middle two are made with a normal weight worsted.  And the bottom two are made from fingerling weight sock yarn.  They are waaaaay too tiny, and it would be insane to use them unless one were making some sort of tiny art project.  It does work to knit with two or three fingerling strands of yarn to get size and thickness.

The thicker, bigger square actually combines ok with the worsted squares, so I did use them when I started using Kang’s method of putting blocks together.  Note that the pale green thread is part of a provisional cast-on (which is really easy and can be found easily on-line) and will be taken out when the squares are joined or edged.  I love the textured stripe in the middle of each block.

Here’s what the blanket looked like about 10 days ago.  It’s getting bigger now–but I’ve capped how wide it will be.

Again, note that the  pale green ties will come out of that bottom row.

I’m obsessed with this project.  I have to make myself do other projects for a set period of time before I can work on the blanket.  (I’m working on grandchild socks made from leftover sock yarns, and I’m close to finishing the 4th pair so pics will be coming up soon.)

And I’ve already reached out to knitting friends begging for some of their leftover yarns…

Written by louisaenright

July 3, 2012 at 4:24 pm

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