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Turkey Tracks: Dog House Chicks Update

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Turkey Tracks:  July 26, 2012

Dog House Chicks Update

It’s cool and overcast here in mid-coast Maine this morning.

I’m wearing jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt, and my long, hot shower felt really good this morning.

We are all hoping for a steady rain as everything is really, really dry here.  My garlic is already turning brown, about a month too early.  As of noon, however, no rain.

Last night, I rescued the brown-egg chick, releasing her/him from her/his shell as s/he wasn’t getting anywhere and was drying out like the silver chick.  I think that these hatching eggs are supposed to stay under the hen and Sally is putting them in front of her.  I have to ask Rose what is normal…  I put the very weak and cold chick under Sally before I went to bed last night.

When I checked the doghouse early this morning, this last, large, Maran chick was not under Sally, but was right at the front door.  I thought s/he must surely be dead.  But when I picked up what I thought would be the carcass, it moved weakly.  S/he was so cold, but was still barely alive.  I tried to give it some water and forcibly placed it underneath Sally, but I don’t have much hope for this baby.

I thought about bringing it inside and getting out the heat lamp and a box.  But, I thinking that if the chicks don’t have the strength to get back under the mother hen, they won’t make it and will never be really right.  The time to rescue this chick would have been last night.

One of the other chicks was out and next to Sally, but the other three were clearly under her–though I have no idea if the little silvery chick is alive or not.  At least I know there are two healthy chicks.

While I was fixing the dog’s breakfast, I could hear the chicks peeping through the kitchen window.  Indeed, John and I could hear them in the living room while we had tea/coffee.  They are LOUD!  Refreshingly loud.

Written by louisaenright

July 26, 2012 at 12:31 pm

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