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Interesting Information: Infant Formula Contains Genetically Engineered Foods

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Interesting Information:  September 9, 2012

Infant Formula Contains Genetically Engineered Foods

I’m recopying in full for you the following piece in the September/October 2012 issue of WELL BEING JOURNAL, page 6.

GE infant Formula and Baby Food

A report by the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT), www.responsibletechnology.org, states that nearly all of the infant formula on the market (Gerber, Abbott Nutrition Labs, Mead Johnson, Walmart, Kellogg’s), including every one of the millions of bottles distributed free by the government, contains genetically engineered corn or soy, as well as milk from cows injected by bovine growth hormone.

The IRT notes that the FDA doesn’t conduct or require a single safety study on GMOs.  They allow Monsanto and other biotech companies to do their own safety tests.  IRT suggests that readers keep in mind that the FDA also assured the public that products such as DDT, PCBs and Agent Orange were perfectly safe long before these products were found to be unsafe and banned.  Today, companies can put GMOs into baby bottles, sippy cups, and breakfast cereal, without even telling the FDA or consumers.

IRT asserts that because of their less-developed immune systems and blood brain barrier, infants and  young children are more sensitive to toxins found in GMOs.  IRT states that diseases linked to GMOs in animal-feeding studies are skyrocketing among America’s children, and this can’t be a coincidence.  The young’s disorders include the same ones identified in GMO animal feeding studies by the physicians group, the American Academy of Environmental Medicine. Consider organically produced baby foods.

The Weston A. Price Foundation folks have some excellent recipes for making your own baby formula.  And, of course, you can make your own baby food quite easily.  You don’t need to buy baby food for your baby–feed them what you are eating, but mash it up fine.  And, remember, do not give babies grains/cereals until they get their big back teeth.  They do not have the enzymes to process them until their systems get more mature.


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