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Interesting Information: Climate Change and the Media

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Interesting Information:  September 10, 2012

Climate Change and the Media

YES! Magazine has an interesting article on climate change and the media in it’s Fall 2012 issue:  “Climate Change:  Tipping Point For News Coverage.”  First, Media Matters, a watchdog group, showed that in 2011, the media “spent more than twice as much time talking about Donald Trump as they did about climate change.”  And, the study states that “when they did discuss climate change, the major Sunday news shows (ABC’s This Week, CBS’s Face the Nation, NBC’s Meet the Press, and Fox News Sunday) consulted political and media figures–but not scientists.”

Indeed, “of those interviewed, 50 percent were political figures–including elected officials, strategists and advisers–and 45 percent were from the media.”

A recent poll by the Opinion ResearchCorporation “reveals that nearly 80 percent of Americans want to see more environmental news in mainstream media.”

This trend seemed set to continue until this past summer, 2012–which was filled with extreme weather events like the “destructive wildfires in Colorado.”  And, I would add, the drought that has seriously hurt grain and soy crops.

But, reports YES!, on July 10, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its FIRST report “linking the likelihood of extreme weather events to human-made climate change.”

ABC news followed with a report showing “footage of hurricanes, tornadoes, and melting ice fields” and called the just-lived 12 months ” `the hottest 12 months we’ve eve lived through.’ “

So, why did/does the media ignore scientists and keep the fiction of climate warming as a hoax alive–when the only scientists still arguing that climate change is “normal” are being paid by the extraction industries?  First, to increase profits, most of the media has fired its researchers and its experts in many areas–including its science reporters.  Those experts have been supplanted by “talking head” stars, many of whom have no scientific credentials and have ideological agendas that benefit them personally.   Second, keeping a so-called battle, like the fake climate-change battle, alive sells papers and attracts ideological viewers.

Media has been colonized by capitalism.  Media is no longer about informing the public.  It’s about selling papers and attracting viewers.

This same YES! issue has an interesting statistic, which follows:

“Number of companies controlling 90 percent of the media, 1983:  50.

“Number of companies controlling 90 percent of the media, 2011:  6.

So, within the colonization of media, we also get monopoly formation–which is how so much of the available money today is sucked up by those at the tops of these organizations.

Do we really want  SIX organizations controlling all of our media?  Or our food?  Or most any of the industries you can name?

Competition dies in this kind of scenario.  And, so does truth.  And, so will our democracy, or what’s left of it.

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