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Turkey Tracks: Dog House Chickies Update

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Turkey Tracks:  October 20, 2012

Dog House Chickies Update

The Dog House Chickies are now nearly 3 months old and are close to being fully grown.  I closed up the dog house this week and put them into the big coop, where they are having a hard time of it.  As you may know, different coharts of chickens don’t like each other, especially at first, and the older bunch terrorizes the younger bunch.  Also, there is always a chicken who is the lowest on the pecking order, and that chicken takes an almost constant beating from some of the others.  It’s really quilt brutal.

(You can see earlier postings of these chicks by going to the right sidebar and clicking on chickens, under Turkey Tracks.)

Here’s what the three “chicks” look like now:

It’s hard to get a picture of all three of them close up as they are mostly wild.  Chickie Mommie (Sally) raised them entirely “on the economy” and taught them how to be safe.  Even when they were still in the dog house, I had to go out each night at dark and capture them in the large viburnum bush where they like to roost and physically put them into the dog house.

To remind, here’s a pic of Chickie Mommie (Sally) just after she brought her babies out of the dog house.  The chick in the foreground is the full-blooded Copper Black Maran.  See the feathered feet?  Note, too, the chick hiding beneath her body, just under her tail.

Sadly, about two weeks ago, a fox ate two of my chickens:  Annie, a full-blooded Copper Black Maran that I raised from an incubated egg and Chickie Mommie, one of the last two chickens from my original chickens.  She was a Wheaten Americauna and laid beautiful blue eggs.  Now I have one Copper Black Maran hen and one Wheaten Americauna.

I named one of the dog house chickies–Blackbird.  She’s the all-black chicken in the front of the first picture above.  I’m pretty sure she is a she since she’s very docile and acts like a hen.

Here’s a pic of the two mystery chickens:

I can’t tell which one is the Maran–I have to see his/her feathered feet.  The other one is the Americauna/Maran cross.  Both are looking like roosters…   The Maran, in particular, behaves like one.  But, the other  may well be a hen.  Maran roosters  have big combs and waddles, but Americaunas do not.  The highly colored feathers look like roosters.  I’ve never had the courage to upend either one of the two roosters we’ve had (Napolean and Cowboy) to look at their equipment to see if one can tell the sex.  Time will tell…

In any case, no names for these two as we cannot keep a second rooster.  Or, three of them.  Roosters fight, which is why on a farm they…provide meat.


Written by louisaenright

October 20, 2012 at 12:41 pm

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  1. So sorry to hear that critters got your chickens! The babies turned out so different than their mom.

    Susan Heath

    October 20, 2012 at 5:10 pm

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