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Turkey Tracks: Maine Woods are Fall Gorgeous

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Turkey Tracks:  October 22, 2012

Maine Woods are Fall Gorgeous

I probably say this every year, but the Maine woods this fall are in full fall foliage and are gorgeous.

One day last week was what I call a “pumpkin day.”  The late afternoon light coming through the orange and gold trees turns everything orange and gold.  The very air shimmers with color.  That effect is very hard to capture with a camera.  And, anyway, mine was way upstairs, waiting to be downloaded.  So, I didn’t stop and at least try to capture the light effect.

Last Friday, John went with me to Hope’s Edge, and we stopped and took these pictures along the road.  A storm was coming in–and it did rain for two days–so the shimmering effect is not there.  But the flaming hillsides are…

And, here’s one John took:

Here’s a view from the front of our house to the wetland area down by the road:

Our house is ringed with gorgeous views in every direction.  The woods up close often feel like the trees have donned frilly dresses for us to admire.  Remember, we had a storm coming in, so the special light that filters through these leaves is missing.

Camden is full of “leaf peepers” at the moment.  I hope most of them get into the woods on our many trails, rather than just riding in buses and cars and seeing only the one picture of the woods–in full color, yes, but not the frilly dresses we see when we get closer.

Written by louisaenright

October 22, 2012 at 4:26 pm

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  1. So beautiful….thanks for sharing!

    Susan Heath

    October 23, 2012 at 10:26 am

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