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Turkey Tracks: Nancy’s Red Socks

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Turkey Tracks:  February 26, 2013

Nancy’s Red Socks

My niece Nancy Howser Gardner offered a barter some months back:  a pair of hand-knitted red socks for a hand-knitted scarf.  She would make the scarf, and I would make the socks.

It actually took me some time to find a nice red yarn.  The one I found had some cotton in it, which I thought would be good for the climate in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here are Nancy’s socks a few weeks back.  I use five double-pointed needles to make socks, that way, the sock is divided over four needles, which are easier to handle than three needles.  I also move stitches around the needles as I go since I have never been able to NOT ladder the work if I keep the same stitches on the same needles.

New Project

Nice red, huh?

Here are the finished socks.  You can see the little blue slub in the red yarn, like a tweed.  The yarn band is next to the socks.

Nancy's red socks

Nan posted this picture  on Facebook after the arrived at her home:

Nancy's socks

I like them with her dark jeans…

The pattern is from Charlene Schurch’s SENSATIONAL KNITTED SOCKS, page 33.  This four-stitch pattern is called “garter rib.”

3 Responses

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  1. And I got to watch those beautiful socks be made!

    Kathleen Nixon

    February 27, 2013 at 7:30 am

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    • Sorry, not sure this message is spam or not–but will give the responder the benefit of the doubt. What you are saying about carbs is probably true–I don’t know. But, different people handle the sugar load from carbs differently–according to what’s going on hormonally in their bodies. For some, extra sugars become fat and stay fat their bodies refuse to use stored fat–due to hormones being “off.” For others, the sugars produce tons of energy, so they’re active all the time. Thinness in this situation is not healthy. Muscles are only one part of the issue, however. If one does not eat foods in which the essential amino acids are present in the right proportions, their bodies struggle and start stealing from Peter to pay Paul. What’s at risk are the bones–especially over the long term. That’s the danger vegetarians, and most especially, vegans risk.


      October 15, 2013 at 3:30 pm

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