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Turkey Tracks: Nancy’s Red Socks

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Turkey Tracks:  February 26, 2013

Nancy’s Red Socks

My niece Nancy Howser Gardner offered a barter some months back:  a pair of hand-knitted red socks for a hand-knitted scarf.  She would make the scarf, and I would make the socks.

It actually took me some time to find a nice red yarn.  The one I found had some cotton in it, which I thought would be good for the climate in Atlanta, Georgia.

Here are Nancy’s socks a few weeks back.  I use five double-pointed needles to make socks, that way, the sock is divided over four needles, which are easier to handle than three needles.  I also move stitches around the needles as I go since I have never been able to NOT ladder the work if I keep the same stitches on the same needles.

New Project

Nice red, huh?

Here are the finished socks.  You can see the little blue slub in the red yarn, like a tweed.  The yarn band is next to the socks.

Nancy's red socks

Nan posted this picture  on Facebook after the arrived at her home:

Nancy's socks

I like them with her dark jeans…

The pattern is from Charlene Schurch’s SENSATIONAL KNITTED SOCKS, page 33.  This four-stitch pattern is called “garter rib.”