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Turkey Tracks: Monhegan Island with the Kiddos

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Turkey Tracks:  August 14, 2013

Monhegan Island with the Kiddos

Here’s one of my favorite pics of the summer visit with my four oldest grandchildren and my son Michael and his wife Tami.

Lovey and kiddos, Aug. 2013

We were on the dock at Monhegan Island, which is over an hour away from the coast and departure town of Port Clyde (where The Russians are Coming was filmed.)  Monhegan Island is an artist colony and is a charming place to visit.

We spent two days and a night–and stayed at The Monhegan House, which has, also, a lovely dining room.  (The chef made a delicious chocolate cake for Maryann’s birthday.)

We celebrated Maryann Enright’s 73rd birthday–and remembered John Enright’s August 12th birthday.  John, Maryann, and I made this trip a few years back–before he got sick–with Bryan and Corinne Enright.

I sat on the porch and read and read and knitted and knitted–and watched folks come and go.  The others hiked and explored.  Monhegan has quite a few fairy houses–which enchants the children and their Great Aunt Maryann.


Written by louisaenright

August 14, 2013 at 4:08 pm

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  1. What a fantastic picture. You need to frame this one!

    Susan Heaath

    August 14, 2013 at 9:30 pm

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