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Turkey Tracks: Camp Lovey

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Turkey Tracks:  August 22, 2013

Camp Lovey

I had my two grandsons, 8 1/2 and almost 10, here in Maine for two weeks on my own.

It was glorious.

They did the Camden Yacht Club sailing camp in the mornings–even swimming in the cold harbor water every day.

And Camp Lovey the rest of the time.

Mike and Tami brought the girls up at the end of the two weeks for a week–which went by really fast.

Mike brought the boys up, and I picked them up in Portland.  We went to Acadia the next day, I think, and all were enchanted with the views from the top of Cadillac Mountain.

Acadia View Cadillac Mountain

The boys loved exploring all the rocks and the nooks and crannies that the ledges offered:

Bo and Kelly, Acadia 2013

Afterwards, we stopped at the Co-op in Belfast for food and at Baywrap for ice cream:

Bo and Kels, ice cream, 2013 2

John and I had planned to get kayaks for the children last summer.  He even ventured out to price them.  So this summer, I undertook that task with the help of the boys.  Together we could load the kayaks on the car.  I got cold feet about sending them out alone on the river, where I knew they would quickly be off and running and a long way away from me, so we got Maine Sports (very kindly) to help install a “J” bar so we could carry my big kayak as well.

Unfortunately, our weather was cool enough that we only got to use the kayaks one time–and even them we got caught in the rain.  It was still a good day.

Kayaks 2013

The boys loved poking around the tidal pools that line our shores.  And, looking for “sea glass”–which is now mostly just plain glass shards–is another favorite pastime.   These pictures were taken at Rockland Harbor.

Rockland Harbor 5

Boys, Rockland 2

Crabs, Rockalnd 3

Crab, Rockland

Crab, Rockalnd 5

Here’s what a shallow tidal pool looks like:

Rockland Beach 3

And much time was spent skipping “good” rocks, such as this one:

Skipping stone 3

We took the girls back, and they, too, enjoyed their time on this beach.  In fact, all four children went swimming in the cold water and in all their clothes!!!   They won’t forget that dip any time soon.

The boys went to the state quilting show–Pine Tree Quilt Guild–with me on a Saturday.  I posted that earlier, but here, again, is their favorite quilt:

Boys favorite quilt, 2013

We all went to Moose Crossing State Park one day–a beautiful place just north of Belfast:

Moosewood park 2013

Moose Crossing beach has some rather big rocks.  Bo spent some time rearranging them.

Bo, Moosewood 2013

And Talula and Kelly spent a lot of time wading through the tidal pools.  I had gotten lazy with the camera at this point, so don’t have this picture of them anywhere but in my mind.  But here’s one of Talula:

Talula, Aug. 2013

I always do a lot of cooking with the children–and this year was no exception.  Here are Maryann and Mina making our dinner salad:

Mary and Mina

Fortunately for me and for the chickens, the children love to collect the Japanese Beetles from the raspberries and beans and feed them to the chickens.  This year they became fascinated with dragonflies.  Here’s a BIG one on Bo’s hand:

Bo and dragonfly, Aug 2013

We went to Monhegan Island for two days and a night–staying at the Monhegan House Inn.  Here are Bo and Mina in Port Clyde waiting to board the boat to go out to the island:

Port Clyde 5

Here is Mina, swinging on a downhill swing on the island:

Mina, Aug. 2013

Here are my four kiddos, waiting to board the boat home from Monhegan:

Lovey and kiddos, Aug. 2013

On the way home, the boat captain took us by an island filled with sunning seals:

seals, Aug. 2013

We were all enchanted.

This trip was the end of Camp Lovey, as everyone departed for the long drive home to South Carolina a day or so later–especially as we got even MORE rain.

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August 22, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Turkey Tracks: Monhegan Island with the Kiddos

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Turkey Tracks:  August 14, 2013

Monhegan Island with the Kiddos

Here’s one of my favorite pics of the summer visit with my four oldest grandchildren and my son Michael and his wife Tami.

Lovey and kiddos, Aug. 2013

We were on the dock at Monhegan Island, which is over an hour away from the coast and departure town of Port Clyde (where The Russians are Coming was filmed.)  Monhegan Island is an artist colony and is a charming place to visit.

We spent two days and a night–and stayed at The Monhegan House, which has, also, a lovely dining room.  (The chef made a delicious chocolate cake for Maryann’s birthday.)

We celebrated Maryann Enright’s 73rd birthday–and remembered John Enright’s August 12th birthday.  John, Maryann, and I made this trip a few years back–before he got sick–with Bryan and Corinne Enright.

I sat on the porch and read and read and knitted and knitted–and watched folks come and go.  The others hiked and explored.  Monhegan has quite a few fairy houses–which enchants the children and their Great Aunt Maryann.


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August 14, 2013 at 4:08 pm