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Turkey Tracks: Endless Flower Farm, Camden, Maine

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Turkey Tracks:  October 24, 2013

Endless Flower Farm

Camden, Maine


Their colors take your breath away.


Endless Flowers Farm 7

And at Endless Flower Farm in Camden, Maine (on East Fork Road) there are thousands and thousands of these dahlia’s–in every color imaginable.

This farm is within walking distance of my house–and I took Susan there on our way home from our trip up north.

Every fall, each dahlia tuber has to be dug up and stored and each spring each one has to be replanted.  Keeping track of all these tubers–and knowing where to plant them next year–is mindboggling.

Here’s Sue, who was amazed.

Endless Flower Farm

Here’s a view of one of the gardens:

Endless Flowers 6

And here’s Susan in that garden:

Endless Flowers 4

Many of these dahlias are way taller than a person.  All have lavish, glorious blooms.

We also liked this building design on the outside of the house!

Endless Flower Farm 2



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October 24, 2013 at 5:24 pm

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