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Turkey Tracks: My Green Kitchen

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Turkey Tracks:  November 1, 2013

My Green Kitchen

This summer I had the kitchen counter formica, which was shredding, replaced with Corian.

What a treat!

I chose a warm peachy shade–thinking it would blend well with the paint color–Beeswax–Benjamin Moore–which I liked a lot.

When we bought this house, there was a lovely paint palette in place–some thought combination of Martha Stewart colors.

But, as we lived here, we realized we wanted warmer colors–the Martha Stewart colors were all smoky greens, almost going over into greys.  They were just too cool.

So, that’s how the kitchen became a shade of orange.

BUT, BUT, the new Corian fought with the wall paint.  Or, maybe, they just weren’t doing a thing for each other.

Here’s what the kitchen looked like…

Beeswax kitchen 2


Beeswax kitchen 5

Nothing special at all…

I went and got lighter shades of peach–and settled on several that would work–and asked everyone who came by to “vote” on their favorite.  Again, the kitchen would be warm and comforting.

But, something just wasn’t right.  And my mind turned to thinking about other colors.  Green kept popping up.

About that time, Kathleen and John Nixon came and one of them immediately said “Have you thought about green?”

Well that did it.

Off I went to get all the green paint chips.  And we spent the next week eliminating colors and propping others on walls and under cabinets.  There were several sensible greens that would have been lovely, but I kept returning over and over to this one–Stem Green.

It makes me happy every time I go into the kitchen.

Green Kitchen 1

The peach counter is singing now.  And the white cabinets are so…white!

Green Kitchen 2

Here’s looking back at the stove.  What you cannot see is how the green is making the yellow walls in the living room sing, too.  The orange was just killing the yellow in the living room.

Green kitchen 4

Look how the green brings the green outside right into the kitchen:

Green kitchen 9

Kathleen Nixon said in passing “you could get green glass knobs”–an idea that I immediately loved.

I ordered some–and the only green color is a forest green–which did nothing.  More importantly, the screw has to go through the front of the knob, through the door, and tightens with a bolt.  That bolt protrudes on the cabinet doors–making them not shut properly.  So I sent them back.

I looked for a lighter color glass knob–more of a fern/yellow green–and sent a message to Potterville.com.  The most amazing man called me up and walked me through which knobs might work, and here’s what came to me in the mail:

Green Kitchen Door Knobs

The screws were bigger than the current holes, and though I tried to enlarge them with the electric screw drivers in the garage, I quickly realized I was way out of my skill set.  A call to Stephen Pennoyer brought him to the house, and he sorted out the screws and knobs.

And here’s how the knobs look on some of the drawers and cabinets:

Green Kitchen Door Knobs 4

(Miss Reynolds Georgia is eating again, sort of, after having to be force fed for the past three months.  She won’t look at the camera.)


Green Kitchen Door Knobs 2

Now I need to make a rug with more green in it.

But I am a happy woman!

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November 1, 2013 at 7:10 pm