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Interesting Information: Can This Really Be True?

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Interesting Information:  November 18, 2013

Can This Really Be True?

Health officials recommend giving new-born babies a hepatitis B vaccine, followed by two more shots before 18 months of age.

Why? Since hepatitis B is NOT a childhood disease and not a common threat to newborn babies?

I stumbled on an answer in the July/August 2013 issue of Well Being Journal (page 47).  The story is from a March 26, 2013, posting on the Mercola web site:  “Teens Susceptible to Hepatitis B Infection Despite Vaccination as Infants.

First, hepatitis B is a “primarily blood-transmitted adult disease associated with risky lifestyle choices such as unprotected sex with multiple partners and intravenous drug use involving sharing needles.”

IN FACT, this article states “according to the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC):

`The primary reason that the CDC recommended hepatitis B vaccination for all newborns in the United States in 1991 is because public health officials and doctors could not persuade adults in high risk groups (primarily IV drug abusers and persons with multiple sexual partners) to get the vaccine.’

“But now,” the article continues, “new research has shown that by the time a child reaches his or her teenage years–the time when acquiring a hepatitis B infection may be more likely–the protection from the childhood vaccine may have long since waned.”

And that’s one of the dirty secrets about vaccines:  they don’t last.  So you’ll need to use more boosters along the way, with more junk injected into a body by its back door (a puncture wound).

So let’s be clear.  Our public health officials are choosing to put heavy metals and adjuvants like formaldehyde into newborn, fragile babies WHEN THEY KNOW THEY DON’T LAST.

No wonder 1 out 6 children today have neurological issues.

This practice is NOT about science or health–it’s about drug companies and self-interested doctors making more money.  And their vehicle is the “standards of care” that ensures that doctors have to suggest such a practice as this one or lose their licenses.

This is how industry works if it is not fettered to morals and ethics.

Vaccines are NOT safe for everyone.  They may not be safe for anyone, given their components.  But who know, since few are doing the science to justify them and the science that is showing they are not safe is being ignored.

A tiny newborn–not fully formed, needing adult protection and nourishment, struggling to get some purchase in this life…

Shame, shame, shame…

Do your research on this issue folks…

Written by louisaenright

November 18, 2013 at 1:12 pm

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