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Turkey Tracks: J&E Riggin Cruise

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Turkey Tracks:  November 22, 2013

J&E Riggin Cruise

The J&E Riggin is a windjammer that sails out of Rockland, Maine.

She’s big and fast and is owned by two of my favorite people, Captains Jon Finger and Annie Mahle.

John and I went on her many times, and I have truly missed sailing on her in the summer.  Maine’s “water world” out in the bay is so gorgeous, fun, and interesting.  And Annie’s cooking is…sublime.  She uses local foods of all sorts.

So guess what arrived in my email box this morning?  A Thanksgiving special.  A 15% discount.  And only $100 down now.

I clicked on the 2014 sailing date and discovered a 6-day cruise with knitter Margaret Radcliffe (Blacksburg, Virginia, and author of three books with a new one coming out soon) running September 1-6.  September is beautiful sailing weather in Maine, and the bay has had all summer to warm up–so there may be swimming for me from the boat.

I called Elizabeth in the Riggin office to discuss possibilities immediately.  As a Riggin Relic (one who has made many cruises on the Riggin), I could go ahead and book.  So there you have it.

Are you up for a safe adventure?  Take a look.

Maine Sailing Schedule | Maine Windjammer J&E Riggin | Maine Windjammer J&E Riggin.

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