Interesting Information: Chandler Webb: Flu shot killed son, Utah mother claims

Interesting Information:  December 4, 2013

Flu Shot Killed Son, Utah Mother Claims

Chandler Webb

We are bombarded with media pleas to get a flu shot these days–even though there have been many mainstream stories questioning the efficacy of the flu shot.   There are even signs in drug stores and grocery stores that advertise that you can get the shot in those places.

There are few stories of the danger involved in getting ANY vaccine in the media.

But, here’s one.  A very sad one.

Chandler Webb: Flu shot killed son, Utah mother claims.

If you watch the video you will see that a CDC doctor does acknowledge that the flu shot can cause encephalitis (an infection of the brain) and death, but this doctor claims that death is very rare.  And you will see that many tests were done on Chandler Webb to see if anything on earth BUT the flu shot made him so sick.  In the end, the doctors had to admit that the flu shot was the culprit.

The burning question is not only how rare death is, but what kinds of damage are done by vaccines every day.  That information is not being pursued, and you can understand why.  The money involved with vaccines is, simply put, enormous.

So, again, as is raised in the documentary THE GREATER GOOD, how many people are being seriously hurt or killed to promote “the greater good” of having some kind of projected “herd immunity”–an actual scientific concept that is being vastly misused in the vaccine propaganda.

There may be a place for vaccines.  More and more I think not.  But that’s my decision for me.  It is crystal clear, however, that vaccines pose a real danger to many people and that there needs to be some kind of testing for vaccine reactions before they are given.

I will follow this post with one by an MD who explains how vaccines work in your body.  Or, don’t work.