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Turkey Tracks: “Earth” Quilt

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Turkey Tracks:  December 20, 2013

“Earth” Quilt

This picture is not the greatest picture I could have taken of this big, bold-hearted quilt.

It’s hard to get a good overall picture without two people to hold a big one like this aloft somewhere.

Earth 2

I hand-sewed about 2/3s of these blocks this past summer–which are known as Winding Ways or Wheel of Mystery blocks.  Then I discovered that they sew really well on the machine as well as the curves are not extreme.  It’s easy to cut four layers of fabric with the templates I have (you can order the set online–John Flynn makes one) and with a SMALLER rotary cutter–like the 45mm.

The dark/light blocks form big circles on the quilt–which I really love.  And I really love all the geometric shapes that show up as well.

Earth block

I put in bits of the blue you see–and those bits show up like little polka dots.  Or, pools of water scattered across the earth.  They sparkle across the quilt top’s surface.

It takes a “deep” stash–many fabrics collected for many years–to make a scrappy quilt like this one.

I pieced the backing–and like the way it came out:

Earth backing

I had the dark brown/teal print in the pile of fabric I used in this quilt.  And I cut 10 1/2-inch blocks from other pieces to make rows on the back–an idea which came from Bonnie Hunter’s books.  I also put in some random blocks left over from the front of the quilt.

I really like the border–which is vintage Bonnie Hunter:

Earth border with back

Here’s another view:

Earth border and binding

And I quilted overall with a feathery pantograph pattern I’ve used many times now:  “Simple Feathers” by Anne Bright.  (I love her patterns.)

There is a lot of work, love, healing, and emotion in this quilt–more than most I do.   Here’s the label.  (The saying came from Bonnie Hunter’s web site quiltville.com.)

Earth label

This quilt was delivered TODAY to Tara Derr Webb, whose age fits between my two sons.  I have known her and loved her and worried with her and rejoiced with her since she was eight or nine years old.  Today is the day that Tara is cooking out of “the Farmbar” for the first time in Charleston, SC, where she and her husband Leighton own and operate a developing farm.  Tara is also a photographer, and you can see her work and pictures of Deux Peuces Farm (two fleas) and the Spartan trailer that is “the farmbar” on her web site:  www.thefarmbar26.com.

Turkey Tracks: Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt: Clue Three Finished

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Turkey Tracks:  December 20, 2014

Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt

Clue Three Finished

Clue Three was to create these orange and yellow pinwheels and half-square triangles.

Aren’t the pinwheels cute?

I am still chuckling because each measures perfectly, but I did a lot of unsewing.  The seam ripper is still hot.

Based on wisdom from the Facebook web site for this quilt, I changed my needle, used the single hold needle plate, and tried to be more consistent with feeding the units through the needle.


So, now, these three sets of units are completed, and I am up-to-date and having fun.  AND, learning a lot.  Bonnie’s directions for each step are amazingly complete, and I am learning new rulers and basic things like “swirling” seams on the underside to mitigate bulk–a step I had forgotten completely lately.


Clue FOUR came out this morning.  Four-patches with orange and green.

That should be simple.  But I thought the other units would be simple, too!

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December 20, 2013 at 2:27 pm