Turkey Tracks: Bonnie Hunter Reveals “Celtic Solstice”

Turkey Tracks:  January 3, 2014

Bonnie Hunter Reveals Celtic Solstice


Needless to say, I can hardly wait to start sewing my “Celtic Solstice” together.

As of last Friday’s Clue, I had all the needed parts.

Here’s the revealed quilt plan:


It’s made from two blocks:




And here’s Bonnie’s quilt:

CelticSolstice 146sm_thumb

Is this quilt gorgeous or what????

Bonnie Hunter is one talented woman.   And generous and lovely.  Imagine designing a quilt like this every year for people to make altogether.  It has been such a fun, fun effort.  And I’ve loved the special Facebook group that came together around making this quilt.

I can’t wait until next year!

Turkey Tracks: “My Little Blue Book” from Red Flannel Pantry Blog

Turkey Tracks:  January 3, 2014

“My Little Blue Book”

Red Flannel Pantry Blog

I loved this blog post from Red Flannel Pantry:  my little blue book | red flannel pantry.

I’ve always journaled for most of my life.

Journaling has gotten me through some tough times and helped me work through to the “bottom” of things–to the bedrock where I can see what the issues really are and what I really think about them.

If you’ve never done the journaling in The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron, I highly recommend trying it.  That journaling got me to Maine where I have been so happy.

But keeping a daily “quick” journal is kind of different.  I’m on my second ten-year journal–the first was a gift from Yoshi Hazen, a former neighbor in Falls Church, Virginia.

Here’s what a page in my ten-year journal looks like:


Each day has space to jot down significant daily events.

I can’t tell you how many times I have gone back to the journal to ferret out what happened when.  From a repairman’s visit to a doctor’s appointment to a major life event–it’s all there.

I gave my oldest grandson a five-year journal on his tenth birthday this fall.  He is maybe the kind of person who will keep it.  If so, he will treasure it down the road of his life.  I wish I had my earlier journals or had had someone start me on this type of journal when I was young.

For 2014, I wish you good journaling of all kinds!