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Turkey Tracks: Dead Diva

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Turkey Tracks:  January 12, 2014

Dead Diva

I have not posted for a few days.

Mostly because I knew I had to tell you that one of the two Divas is dead, and the remaining one is very sick.

Winter in Maine is harsh, and this winter has been particularly difficult for us, with the ice storm at Christmas with all its power outages, and for all the animals.  We have had sub zero temps and wind chill factors way below zero.  The weather has taken a toll–and the Divas have suffered it.

One of the Divas was dead last week–dead in the coop as I opened it in the morning.  She had terrible frostbite on her neck and around her head and her wounds were open and bloody.

Perhaps the others killed her.  Birds will do that.  And, given the Diva’s condition, it was a mercy killing, if so.  Here is where “Nature” is “red in tooth and claw.”

The frostbite and open bleeding explains why the Divas were refusing to join the others in the coop at night.  (Chickens will attack and peck at other birds with open bleeding.) And, by staying out, were risking more frostbite.  The other Diva was in terrible shape as well, but living.

The remaining Diva is hanging in there.  I am feeding her high protein foods and fats as much as I can.   Some of her wounds are better; some are still fresh.   She looks terribly bedraggled and has lost all her vibrant color.

I have such mixed emotions about her.  Should I put her down or help her to live?  Is she in pain?  If so, how much?  She is eating.  As long as she is eating, I will not act.

I will keep you posted…

Written by louisaenright

January 12, 2014 at 4:55 pm

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