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Turkey Tracks: Learning to Love Liver: A Simple Chicken Liver Pate

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Turkey Tracks:  January 28, 2014

Learning to Love Liver:  A Simple Chicken Liver Pate


I like the Radiant Life Company.

I order Green Pastures Fermented Cod Liver Oil from them on a regular basis.  It’s the ONLY cod liver oil that has not been overly processed and had its vitamins added back–making those oils a human concoction based on guesswork.

Anyway, the Radiant Life Company has a blog now that is putting up some good recipes.

I love liver!

But chicken livers are probably my favorite.  Maybe followed by lamb’s liver.  And then, cow liver.  The cow liver I cook with onions and bacon and add in swirls of cream at the end to help make a sauce.  It’s important not to overcook liver.

And chicken liver pate—-for me, it’s divine if made right.

Unfortunately, my generation is probably the last one that actually eats liver.  It’s been so demonized.  And that is a real loss as we are no longer eating nose to tail with animals.  We’re eating their muscle meat, a habit which has its own set of problems.  Liver is so chock full of good things for the human body.  But, of course, you want the livers of animals that have been pastured and grass fed, etc.

If all else fails, put dessicated liver tablets–found in any supplement store–into your diet.

But, take a chance and try this recipe and see if you don’t like it…

Radient Life Company:  Learning to Love Liver: A Simple Chicken Liver Pate.


Written by louisaenright

January 28, 2014 at 4:27 pm

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