Turkey Tracks: Diva Update and Winter Pleasures

Turkey Tracks:  February 10, 2014



The Diva Queenie continues to heal and hang out.  She is picking up weight not and is noticeably heavier when I pick her up.

If I’m going to be in the kitchen at all, I let her out, and she strolls around investigating, flying up to the counters (where she is immediately removed), and following my shoes and picking at the buckles.  I’ve almost stepped on her at least twice.

Here she is with the straw basket that is driving her crazy.

Winter pleasures include pulling a bag of frozen tomatoes out of the freezer so a few can grace a lamb stew.  What a treat in mid-winter.  I also put in some of my dried zucchini and frozen green beans.



AND, winter pleasures include a bunch of flowers.  These did double duty–at the Coastal Quilters Meeting last Saturday and, now, in my dining room–with all the snow outside.



Actually, that picture shows a line of turkeys coming into the yard.  I have about twenty to thirty around the house most days–which is another winter pleasure.  This morning they all talked to me as I let out the chickens.

Interesting Information: Some Supplement Dangers

Interesting Information:  February 10, 2014

Some Supplement Dangers

Calcium, Vitamin D, Folic Acid


Shane Ellison is The People’s Chemist and has a blog with that name.

Shane Ellison is brash and angry, but he’s also very smart.  And he’s had a bird’s eye view of Big Pharma products as he worked in a big industry lab until he saw that the dangers he was finding were going to be ignored and those products were still to be sold regardless of their danger.  That’s where his anger comes from, I think, and since I have a lot of it myself–it is simply incredulous to me that poison is allowed to be sold, put on plants, put on our food, put on our soil, put into our water, put into our air, put into our veins, and so forth–I can overlook how he sometimes chooses to express himself.

In the post below, Shane takes on the wide-spread supplements that are themselves harmful or are harmful as being given.  I’ve read this information elsewhere, many times, so I don’t doubt it.  But Shane’s synopsis of what’s wrong is instructive and ALL IN ONE PLACE.   One takaway is DO NOT TAKE A COMMERCIAL MULTI-VITAMIN.

Shane sells supplements, so you can skip the ads and the video if you like.  That he sells things does not negate what he’s saying about crappy supplements and their impact on the body.  He has a weight-loss system that is built on regulating hormones, and hormone imbalances are what cause obesity.  The trick is to STOP eating what’s causing your body to gain weight, and in most cases, that’s too many starchy carbs.  Maybe Shane’s system also helps.  I do not know.

Anyway, here’s the url with the above-mentioned good information:

Daily Dose – Store » | ThePeoplesChemist.com.

Blog Readers’ Quilts and Quilting Information: Lunch Bags!

Blog REaders’ Quilts and Quilting Information:  February 10, 2014

Lunch Bags!

Red Flannel Pantry has done it again.

Another great idea and fun sewing project:  making lunch bags.

RFP discovered that oil cloth has phthalates in the fabric coating, so has come up with a grand solution.

Take a look?


red flannel pantry | red flannel pantry.