Turkey Tracks: Traveling South

Turkey Tracks:  February 26, 2014

Traveling South

I have traveled today and will travel tomorrow, so the past few days have been busy with getting ready to leave a house that is knee-deep in snow; six chickens, one of which has been in my kitchen for almost two months; two dogs; and a friend and house sitter who is recovering from a broken wrist from a fall on treacherous ice.

I am in Portland in the trusty Comfort Inn, which will keep my car until I fly home. Portland is about two hours south from Camden.

I had hoped to drive straight to the airport Thursday morning for an 11:30 flight, but the POLAR VORTEX and a bit of light snow might mean treacherous ice at 6:30 or so Thursday morning. Anything could delay me–even someone else having an accident. So, most everyone I know travels to Portland the day before flying when the weather and roads are so uncertain. The motel’s fee for keeping my car and the overnight stay is pretty much a wash with paying for parking at the airport.

Where am I going?

Destination: Norfolk, VA


The driver is that I meet with a group of quilters that I have been sewing with during this week for about 18 years now–minus the last few when John was too sick to leave with all the above responsibilities. (John did the taxes, the money management, and all sorts of repair and mowing jobs, and I have acquired a whole new understanding of how hard just the taxes are after these past two tax endeavors. I cooked, shopped, gardened, took care of animals, and pretty much organized all the social tasks.)

Rosie Pilkerton is a wizard with time shares, and she gets us a beautiful apartment every year. We sew, laugh, eat, walk, shop, and visit the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in Norfolk (a beautiful show).

Everyone does exactly what she wants to do for a whole week–no pressure, no responsibilities, no worries. It’s all a gift. It’s therapy of the finest kind.

The other (big) draw to Norfolk is that I have a sister and a brother there–and I will see them and their children.

I have the ipad with me, and it does not always like to upload pictures onto the blog, but I will put some up. If not, when I get home.

All serious subject matter has been left behind for the week!