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Interesting Information: Skin in the Game

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Interesting Information:  April 7, 2014

Skin in the Game


We all have skin in the game of life.  Literally.  Our own skin.

Our skin is our largest organ–a fact I’ve seen many times, but I like the way John Moody, in “The Clothing Conundrum:  Safe, Warm, Winter Dressing,” writes about our skin (Wise Traditions, Winter 2013, 47-49).

An adult’s skin averages “twenty-two square feet in surface area and [weighs] eight pounds.

Our skin is our first line of defense “against a host of dangers.”  And, “the body also uses our skin as an important pathway to eliminate certain toxins, but at the same time, it thus also becomes an easy way of access for many toxins to gain entry into our body.”

Warning:  “This entry pathway may be even more dangerous than others, such as inhalation or ingestion, since toxins that enter through the skin bypass the digestive and respiratory tracks and the defenses these systems employ.”

“For instance, studies have shown that our skin possibly absorbs more chlorine in a five to ten minute hot shower than in drinking five to ten glasses of chlorinated water!”


“When you use personal care products (make-up, deodorants, etc.), the chemicals in those products can show up in the bloodstream less than sixty seconds after being applied to the skin.”

“A 2008 study by the Environmental Working Group looked at twenty teenage girls and found sixteen chemicals with potentially harmful health effects in blood and urine samples from their personal care products.”

Moody goes on to discuss how modern clothing is coated with chemicals that are known toxins and how we wash clothes in another whole set of toxins.  And, he makes a case for using traditional fibers that are free from toxins, which is food for thought.  He notes that hemp is a great natural fiber, but has been banned by many states as it is related to marijuana–even though it is NOT marijuana–which has been a boon to industries that fabricate cloth from chemicals.  You can read the whole article if you like: http://www.westonaprice.org/health-issues/the-clothing-conundrum-safe-warm-winter-dressing.

* * *

I saw an ad on television last night for a product to treat acne.  The ad depicted a young man with truly terrible acne.  And, of course I wondered two things:  what chemicals are involved in the ad’s product and what is this young man eating and/or to what is he being exposed.

We should not have to fix a problem that starts inside us by slathering on a chemical product from the outside.

When you see sores on the skin, it’s a sign that the body is trying to detox itself.

So, our skin is always already “in the game.”  Every day.

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