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Quilting Information: Flickr: Jessica’s Quilting Studio’s Photostream

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Quilting Information:  April 15, 2014

Jessica Jones’ Quilting Studio Quilts

Well, here’s a treat for you.

I am just back from attending the Machine Quilters’ Expo (MQX) in Manchester, New Hampshire–where I attended three classes.  One of those classes was with DeLoa Jones–who taught at the Maine state quilt show, Pine Tree Quilters’ Guild, last summer.  DeLoa’s lecture included quilts her daughter Jessica has quilted.

Those quilts are available for you to see–and they are truly wonderful–and you will get many ideas for your own quilting.  Take a look:   Flickr: Jessica’s Quilting Studio’s Photostream.

You can access Jessica’s site by googling Jessica’s Quilting Studio.


Here’s more information on Jessica–copied from her web site–sorry about the wonky fonts.

Jessica Jones studied art and design at Central Michigan University. During summer break, she helped with her mother, DeLoa Jones’ longarm quilting business and fell in love with the art of machine quilting. She started her own longarm business in 2002 and, in the relatively short time since, has quilted over 4000 customer quilts. Jessica quilts for clients from all over the country and many of her customers have won prizes for the quilts she has masterfully quilted.

Also an instructor, Jessica has shared her quilting talents and expertise with students, nationally, and also in her home area of Phoenix, AZ. Her quilts have appeared in numerous quilting books and magazines, and frequently grace the pages of Quilting Celebrations. Jessica has also appeared on Quilting Celebrations with Patrick Lose on QNNtv.


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April 15, 2014 at 4:29 pm

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