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Books, Documentaries, Reviews: David Perlmutter, MD, with Kristin Loberg: Grain Brain

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Books, Documentaries, Reviews:  May 15, 2014

Sylvia Onusic’s Review


David Perlmutter, MD, with Kristin Loberg

Grain Brain


First, Dr. Sylvia Onusic is a Board Certified and licensed nutritionist AND has a PhD in Public Health education.

Dr. Onusic reviewed Perlmutter and Loberg’s book Grain Brain in the Winter 2013 Wise Traditions, the journal of the Weston A. Price Foundation:  Grain Brain – Weston A Price Foundation.

Dr. Onusic gives the book a qualified “thumbs up,” and in the review surfaces the problems she finds within its pages–such as not addressing “the importance and role of healthy carbohydrates in the diet, especially those prepared in ways which enhance their nutrient absorption by soaking and fermenting.”  Or, addressing that “old forms of wheat such as spelt and kamut do not contain the high levels of gluten that modern hybrids do” and that fermenting grains can make them acceptable to those with gluten sensitivities.  Or, the importance of raw milk and its products.  Or, that he claims that DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) made from algae is a “source equal in value to cod liver oil.”  But DHA from algae is man-made, while cod liver oil is a natural source of DHA.  Additionally, algae DHA has a record of causing digestive upsets.  ANd he neglects to explain that while vitamin D is important, it needs to be used with vitamins A and K, as “all three are needed together.  (Cod liver oil contains all three.)

I was intrigued with the discussion of specific foods that “cross-react” with gluten (producing the same reaction).  They include coffee, chocolate, and non-gluten containing grains.  PEG, polyethylene glycol, found in many personal care products is also cross-reactive with gluten.  PEG is found in the gallon of bowel prep used for a colonoscopy and can cause “inflammation which shows up in the test results.”

Also interesting:  “Modern foods contain up to forty times more gluten than traditional grains, and modern gluten can be addictive.”

But, she also says the following:

Grain Brain is a good read packed with a great deal of knowledge related to reviews of the latest research in current nutrient brain-related issues, as well as good detail on gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, testing, cholesterol and fats, and hormones related to inflammation and obesity.  The book continues to enjoy phenomenal success on a number of New York Times best seller lists.

Caesareans and Breast Feeding and food sensitivities:

Research shows that babies born through caesarean section have a higher risk of developing ADHD because they miss out on the probiotic inoculation that babies normally receive when passing through the birth canal.  Breastfeeding is also important in that it may dampen later immune response to gluten and the development of food sensitivities.

Gluten sensitivity can be tested for at Cyrex Labs or Entero Labs.  (I used Entero.)




Books, Documentaries, Reviews: Elizabeth Gilbert’s THE SIGNATURE OF ALL THINGS

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Books, Documentaries, Reviews:  April 15, 2014

The Signature of All Things

Elizabeth Gilbert

I am so enjoying reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things.



Our book club met yesterday, and three of us out of six just started this book.  But ALL of us were enjoying it or had finished it and liked it a lot.

Only one of the six liked Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love.  I didn’t read it, but saw the movie and thought it pretty…lame.

Many of us were afraid this new novel would also be…lame, so we were delighted to realized that Gilbert is a strong writer who, here, is weaving a compelling, interesting story.

The novel takes place from 1800 forward–in that era when western men scattered across the globe to discover its treasures.  In this case, the treasures are plants of all types.  And, fortunes are made on the medicinal plants, for instance.

I’m only about 100 pages into the 500-page novel, but look forward each night to a session of reading.



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