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Turkey Tracks: POPCORN!

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Turkey Tracks:  May 21, 2014



Ok, I’ll confess.

I LOVE popcorn!

Always have.  Always will.

BUT, BUT, I don’t eat it very often.

It’s a grain that has very little nutritional value, and it makes me fat.

So, popcorn is a rare treat for me.  I indulge maybe about every six months or so.  I love to make it for “movie night” when the grand kiddos are here.

I use an air popper and organic popcorn.  Air poppers are not expensive.  Organic popcorn does not have GMO issues, which are serious.  There’s no messy pan cleanup.

The problem with popping in oil is…the oil.  Most vegetable oils are highly-processed, rancid, and nothing but trouble for your heart.  You could try unprocessed/unheated coconut oil or, even, beef or pork fat from grass-fed/holistically raised animals.  All of these fats can take a lot of heat.

When the popcorn is done, I sprinkle it with real sea salt and drown it with my wonderful, raw butter melted.  (You can’t eat too much raw butter.)


Yum Oh!  Just look at that popcorn!



I hope you all know NOT TO USE THOSE MICROWAVE POPCORN sacks in a microwave.  They are full of ingredients that are terribly harmful.  Google and you’ll turn over that info in a New York minute.

No, no, no, no….!!!

Now you’ll hear my voice echoing in your head…

Quilting Information: Watch Bonnie Hunter’s THE QUILT SHOW free until May 25th.

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Quilting Information:  May 21, 2014

Watch Bonnie Hunter’s THE QUILT SHOW for Free Until May 25th

It’s EASY!


You can watch Bonnie Hunter’s episode (#1410) on THE QUILT SHOW for free—until May 25th.  This program is hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.

Go to http://thequiltshow.

Sign up as a “basic” member—which is free.

Then you can click on Bonnie’s show, #1410.  When I did the sign-up, Bonnie’s episode was a button on the right side of the page showing Bonnie’s face.

It’s an engaging show, and I learned more about Bonnie’s methods.




Here’s the url to Bonnie’s blog post:


Quiltville’s Quips & Snips!!: Free to my Readers: Watch my Episode, #1410.

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May 21, 2014 at 11:01 am

Turkey Tracks: Honeycomb Hand-Sewing Project

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Turkey Tracks:  May 21, 2014

Honeycomb Hand-Sewing Project


Well, isn’t this fun?


This piece will be finished when I complete the circle of white English Paper Piecing templates–which I bought from Alewives Quilting in Damariscotta, Maine.

Lucy Boston pioneered this “honeycomb” quilting.  A “honeycomb” is a hexagon, but with an elongated top and bottom side.

Here’s the “how to” and inspirational book by Linda Franz.


And here’s some ideas of how the honeycombs can be combined.  Lucy Boston used combinations of 24 honeycombs ringed by 24 white honeycombs.  I started with the top left version.



I’m probably only going to do four of these in shades of red and green and link them into a four-patch.  Or, as a banner.

The “blocks” are joined by a series of squared.  And if one wanted to make something bigger that gets squared off, one needs a series of templates that will “square off” the blocks.  You can order those or make them yourself as the patterns are in the book.

I am joining the pieces with the method Leah Day demonstrated on a utube video.  I posted that link on this blog earlier, but you can google Leah Day and “English Paper Piecing” for the series of three videos.  I like this method because it does not show the whip-stitch stitches on the front.