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Interesting Information: ‘All Natural’ Yogurt Products Found To Contain Aspartame And Artificial Colors

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Interesting Information:  July 16, 2014

“All Natural” Yogurt Products Found to Contain Aspartame and Artificial Colors

I am so lucky to live in a state where I can buy glorious raw milk from grass-fed Jersey cows from local stores and from farms.  And, of course, many of those farms also make glorious yogurt.  Or, I make it myself.

I am so spoiled now as I don’t think I could ever go back to the commercial trash that passes for yogurt in the grocery stores.

Once you’ve tasted a living, fermented food, you can’t really go back very easily.  Once you’ve experienced how it FEELS in your body, you KNOW the difference.

I ONLY buy commercial yogurt when I am hopelessly trapped in a food desert while traveling–and I buy whole milk plain yogurt then.

So, this “wake up” call came from Health Freedom Alliance a few days back.

Health Freedom Alliance » Yogurt Buyers Beware: ‘All Natural’ Yogurt Products Found To Contain Aspartame And Artificial Colors.


First of all, I hope you all know by now that “natural” as a term describing food is totally without meaning.

Second, don’t buy the fruit sweetened yogurts.  They’re just candy and will play havoc with your insulin response.  They’re a recipe for making you hungry fast and for leading to diabetes.  THEY ARE NOT HEALTHY.

Third, claims for the beneficial flora and fauna in those commercial yogurts are highly suspicious–since most industrial cooking methods involve high heat (pasteurization, etc.), these products arrive with the flora and fauna that may have been used at some point in the production process, already dead–which means they are useless to you.  I’d like to see some tests on what exactly is now living in this dead food.

Fourth, READ LABELS.  What you’re eating is cooked food that is made solid with pectins and the like.  And taking all the whey out of yogurt to make “Greek” yogurt results in removing a fair amount of the protein that makes real yogurt healthy.  Whey itself, in a living dairy product, is extremely healthy.  Greek yogurt is analogous to eating the white of the egg and not the yolk.  You’re splitting the real, whole food into parts which is never a good idea.

Fifth, KEEP READING LABELS as they change all the time as the industry strives to make foods even more profitable by putting more and more cheap junk into food.


Written by louisaenright

July 16, 2014 at 1:55 pm

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