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Turkey Tracks: My Dog Food

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Turkey Tracks:  July 23, 2014

My Dog Food


With the dogs I have now, and which I’ve had for 12 years and 9 years (Penelope, No No Penny, PenBay–was about two years old when we rescued her from Katrina), I’ve never used dry dogfood.

Up here in Maine, I am able to get whole chickens (skin, bones, organs, meat) ground up for $1.59 a pound.  I mix that pound with 1 cup of dried veggies (Sojos) and one cup of water and let it sit overnight.  This batch feeds two small dogs for two days.  I only recently added the veggies as both dogs needed to drop a bit of weight.  I’ve been very pleased with the addition of vegetables.


Before Maine, I used various ground muscle meats from the Virginia grocery stores, mixed with veggies I cooked.  That’s ok, but eating all muscle meat isn’t great either.  Make sure you get at least 15% fat, not all lean muscle.

I’ve never added grains to dog food.  And I supplement with some of my constant and ongoing bone broths, leftover foods and fats they like, and so forth.  Penny likes fruit.  Reynolds does not.

Both dogs LOVE raw chicken necks–and those are filled with so many great things for dogs.

The dogs love this current mixture, and they are really healthy.  People can’t believe their ages (10 and 11).  They don’t have any old-age white on their faces, their coats are thick and glossy, their eyes are bright, they have no skin issues, and their poop is great.

I think feeding issues show up when dogs get old…

Penny’s teeth stay pretty clean because she will chew bones.  I use a 5 or 6-inch marrow bone (those little ones don’t get chewed) that makes her work to get at the marrow.

Reynolds won’t chew bones on a regular basis, so I have to have her teeth cleaned about once a year–which is hard on her I think.  My holistic vet uses a chemical that knocks her down, cleans her teeth, then rouses her up with the antidote.  It’s the same process that you see when a vet knocks back a lion, or tiger, in order to check them.  I am with her the whole time, touching her and talking to her.  We did the teeth cleaning thing last Monday.  An hour later Reynolds enjoyed a walk all along the Belfast harbor.  You’d never know she’d been knocked back an hour earlier.






Written by louisaenright

July 23, 2014 at 2:32 pm

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