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Interesting Information: AARP Bulletin – May 2014 – “Cancer RX: `The $100,000 Myth’ “

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Interesting Information:  July 27, 2014

“Cancer RX:  The $100,000 Myth”

The cancer industry is driven not by finding a “cure,” but by finding patients who are desperate to live, who have good insurance, and who agree to undergo cancer drug treatments–which by the way have been a scandalous and dismal failure.

This little piece in the AARP Bulletin exposes the gouging practices for the drugs.

AARP Bulletin – May 2014 – Page 22-23.

The authors are Donald W. Light and Hagop Kantarjian.


Here’s a quote:

Eleven of the 12 new cancer drugs approved in 2012 were priced above $100,000 annually, and a 20 to 30 percent copayment can make them unaffordable even for well-insured patients.

The article goes on to ask WHY? and proceeds to utterly demolish Big Pharma’s rationale for this kind of gouging.

Big Pharma has inflated and twisted its actual development costs.

Taxpayers “subsidize about half of company research costs through credits and deductions granted to drug companies.”

Big Pharma distorts its “average” costs by only using the most expensive drugs to compute the average.

Big Pharma spends only about one-sixth of its research funds in developing new drugs.  For cancer drugs, this figure is even lower.

Big Pharma continually raises prices across its whole market yearly, or it has a “market spiral pricing strategy.”

And on and on…

It’s a rigged system–rigged for profit, not for human health.

And that’s what industry does when capitalism is not fettered to morals and ethics that are good for people.




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July 27, 2014 at 4:52 pm

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