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Turkey Tracks: Windjammer Angelique

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Turkey Tracks:  September 24, 2014

Windjammer Angelique


I almost forgot this little video of the ketch Angelique, who, on our last night, joined much of the windjammer fleet in Rockland, Maine’s, south harbor.

She came right across our bow, so we had a great look at her dropping her foresails and gliding into her chosen anchor spot.

One of the really joyful things about sailing on the windjammers is seeing the other windjammers out on the water.  They are like large graceful birds in motion.

John took a gorgeous picture of the Angelique taken during the windjammer races many years ago.  I reframed these pictures this past winter.


She dropped her sails just after I stopped recording.  But I got this shot:


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September 24, 2014 at 1:36 pm

Turkey Tracks: MOFGA’s Common Ground Fair 2014

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Turkey Tracks:  September 24, 2014



MOFGA stands for the Maine Organic Farmers’ and Growers’ Association, and each year, MOFGA puts on The Common Ground Fair.

This year marked the 38th Fair.

I’ve written about this fair many times, but each year is just so special.

This year I went with Giovanna McCarthy on Friday and with Penny Rogers Camm on Sunday– spending about 10 hours at the fair over the two days.

Here are some picture high lights.  As always, I think of many pictures I should have taken, but didn’t–like a little video of the “horse whisperer” who trained a young, big working gelding to follow him around the ring in about 10 minutes.

I’ve always loved these “post” faces:



Look at this hoop house filled with flowers:



Outside this hoop house was the prettiest hot pepper plant with purple hot peppers:


We had a very cool summer, so the winter squash and pumpkins struggled.  None of mine even made little squash.  But, here’s squash bounty at MOFGA:


What’s amusing about this picture of a compost toilet displayed so one can see all the workings is that one of these boys is INSIDE the toilet, and the rest are very amused, as only boys can be.  What looks like a reflection on the glass is actually a boy’s face.


On the way out of the fair, we passed this family of baby pigs asleep in the sun:



On the way home BOTH days, we stopped for some of John’s Ice Cream–all home made, all so delicious.  John’s ice cream reminds one of what REAL ice cream tastes like when it isn’t full of fake ingredients.  The marshmellow cream in the Rocky Road is the real thing, for instance.

I love MOFGA!





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September 24, 2014 at 1:20 pm

Turkey Tracks: Come Sailing With Me: Lobster Roast On An Uninhabited Island

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Turkey Tracks:  September 24, 2014

Come Sailing With Me

Lobster Roast On An Uninhabited Island


For many, the lobster roast is a windjammer sailing high point.

Passengers are ferried in the yawl boat to an uninhabited, beautiful island, and the crew cooks a gorgeous lobster roast.

Here’s the island we went to on this trip:


Here’s a little video that pans from the beach:

I love the way the succulents grow right down over the rocks on some of these islands.




The crew sets up a beautiful spread of snack food to eat while we wait for the lobsters to be cooked:



Here’s the lobster pot being organized:



And, eventually, there are lobsters!  That’s Captain Jon Finger to the left with crew members Justin and “Mouse” with the straw hat.




Grateful passengers find natural seats and tables among the rocks on the beach:


And after cooking marshmellows or making “some mores,” everyone goes back to the ship full and happy.

Here’s the Riggin, waiting for us:



Turkey Tracks: Come Sailing With Me: Raising a Windjammer Foresail

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Turkey Tracks:  September 24, 2014

Come Sailing With Me:

Raising a Windjammer Foresail


Here’s a little video on raising the Riggin’s Foresail–the big one in the front.

If you are standing in the back of the boat, the left side of a sail is “the throat,” and the right side is “the peak.”  The two sides do not get pulled at the same time after a certain point in the raising.

Listen, and you will hear Captain Jon say “HOLD PEAK” and you’ll see the right side crew stop pulling.


Note the fog on this day.  It was the only foggy day we had.

I rather like a foggy day at sea, just as I like a foggy day here at home from time to time.

Fog is soft, comforting, and it just slows everything down.

Turkey Tracks: Come Sailing With Me: Raising the Anchor

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Turkey Tracks:  September 24, 2014

Come Sailing With Me:

Raising the Anchor


Hello Everyone,

I’ve been having way too much fun with visitors and have not posted to the blog as a result.

I still have some little videos I took on the J&E Riggin this past trip.

Here’s one on hauling the anchor.

Remember that the Riggin is an authentic windjammer schooner and has no motor to move it (they use a separate yawl boat to push it when needed) or a motor to raise the VERY HEAVY anchor that gets dropped every night.

It takes quite a few willing souls to get the anchor back on the boat.


And here’s another video for added information:


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September 24, 2014 at 12:25 pm