Turkey Tracks: Thanksgiving–Camp St. Christopher

Turkey Tracks:  Camp St. Christopher

Thanksgiving this year has been a family gathering Thanksgiving Retreat at Camp St. Christopher in Seabrook, South Carolina.

We are 11 strong this year, with Tami’s brother Joey, his wife Meghan, and their son Meyer joining us for Thanksgiving day.

Seabrook is one of the coastal communities south of Charleston.  It’s very near Kiawah, which is home to a major, very nice resort.  We are on an estuary formed by the North Edisto River, and there is a nice beach along the river.  The estuary is teeming with sea life.  There are, of course, lots of live oaks dangling with hanging moss.

Speaking of kayaking.  My burning question when we were signing up for events was “are there alligators where we’ll be kayaking?”

The answer:  “Yes, but…”

“No,” I said.  There’s no “but for me.”

The woman went on to explain that as it was cold the alligators were hibernating.

Guess what we saw right near one of our walking paths?



This alligator is at least six feet long and moves around.


Big enough to get a child…

Fortunately, the weather is really too cold for open kayaks where you sit on top and in water…