Turkey Tracks: Buzz Saw Block

Turkey Tracks:  January 16, 2015

Buzz Saw Block

Mary Sue Bishop and I recently saw a quilt made with a block that we recognized, but we could not come up with the name of it.

My old quilt bee in Virginia made me the sweetest quilt from this block with 1930s fabrics.  See?



I love the piano key border…


I came home and searched for the name until I found it.

I knew it was a cross kind of between a log cabin and a pineapple block.

Finally, I turned it over:  it’s a Buzz Saw block.  So I made one:


This one finishes at 5 1/2 inches–and there are two oranges and two blues, so the whole unit here of four blocks would finish at 10 1/2 inches.

You start with a half-square light/dark triangle that gets cut into four equal strips.  Then one adds a solid strip to the dark-side end.  One must always cut with the same side down–in this case, the dark fabric always went to the bottom.  (If one cuts with the light side down, will that reverse the angle in the middle of each strip???)  (When they passed out spatial relations genes, I didn’t get any.)  Then you realign the strips to form the graduated color, or light, pattern.

Warning:  one tutorial I found started with a 10-inch block, which gets to 9 1/2 inches when you make the half-square triangle.  That’s not so easy to divide into four equal strips.  So….I dropped to an 8 1/2-inch block, which sews in at 8 inches, is easily cut into four equal strips which finish at 7 1/2.

Then to the 6 1/2 square, which finishes to 6, and then, 5 1/2.

The little art quilt we saw had smaller blocks:  we think 4 1/2 which would finish to 3 1/2…

The quilter had used a different setting–one which placed the lights side by side and made them rise and fall…

I wish now I’d taken a picture of it, and I will when I next visit that restaurant:  the River Grill, Damariscotta, Maine.

Meanwhile, I think I could use a fair amount of my stash with this block…

And make a fun quilt.