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Turkey Tracks: “Piecing Heaven” Quilt

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Turkey Tracks:  January 12, 2015

“Piecing Heaven” Quilt

My downstairs tv sitting room is a favorite place for the dogs.

And, for me.

An outside door sits at this room’s entryway, so the dogs tend to track in outside debris.  (People in Maine don’t wear their outside shoes inside.  Shoes are removed at the door.)

I have a doggie blanket on the couch–which just got recovered not too, too long ago.  But though the blanket does the protection job, it looks so shabby–as you can see below.

So, I decided to use scrappy quilts all over this room instead.  Not always spread out, but folded in key places.

Quilts that could be used, washed, and loved, loved to death.

Here’s the first one–made from my box of 2 1/2 inch strips:  “Piecing Heaven”–because I had so much fun making it.



Here it is on the back of the couch.  Reynolds Georgia hangs out here a lot.  See how ratty the dog blanket looks?



Here it is from the back:




Grandson Kelly picked out the backing fabric last summer, and I can’t wait for him to see it in this quilt.  Likely, if it holds up, this quilt will go to him at some point.



I used a Bishop’s Fan groovy board and an old gold colored thread–which works fine in the quilt.  Love the Bishop’s Fan pattern.



The center:



A random piece…





Here’s Gail Nicholson’s quilt on the orange chair–another favorite spot of Reynold’s.



And, here’s the third quilt in this project–almost ready to come off the design wall.  I love how this quilt is coming out.  This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern, and the border idea is also on her blog:  “Scrappy Trip Around the World.”  Again, I’m using the 2 1/2=inch scrap strips to build this quilt.



I got this backing fabric–on the long arm–at the Alewives (quilt shop) sale last weekend–40% off.  It will work fine, and the colors work in the big room.  With all the seams on the front, I wanted a solid backing.


Interesting Information: “Heavy Cell Phone Use Can Quadruple Your Risk of Brain Cancer”

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Interesting Information:  January 12, 2015

Cell Phone Dangers

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cell phone.

I love my cell phone in technicolor!

I have a new IPhone 6, and it’s linked/synched to my MAC and my ipad.   For the most part, whatever appears on one, appears on the others–with the exception of my Iphoto gallery, which does not seem to be also on my phone.  Probably because it would take up too much space.  But I can take a picture with my phone, and it appears on my MAC and ipad.  I can also see phone messages while upstairs (the phone stays downstairs for the most part) on the ipad, AND I CAN ANSWER that message on the ipad!

I’m even considering dropping my land line…which seems increasingly a duplication that isn’t so neat.

Except that I do talk to my sister and other family members for long calls.  A lot.

But, but, as is becoming increasingly clear (and as I’ve said before on this blog), cell phones are not safe.  Particularly for children.

The science is there.  But this cell phone thing is like cigarettes back in the day.  The science is being demonized and hidden and manipulated.  Because we all love our cell phones and because they are so, so profitable.

Mercola’s post the other day covers this topic with some sources for you to check out.

Heavy Cell Phone Use Can Quadruple Your Risk of Brain Cancer.

Do read it because there is a list of what you can do to help mitigate cell phone dangers.

And for heavens sake!!!!:  DON’T GIVE ONE TO A CHILD.  I don’t care how neat they are.  Here’s a quote from Mercola’s post:

As mentioned in the featured video, previous research has shown that those who begin using cell phones heavily before age 20 have four to five times more brain cancer by their late 20s, compared to those whose exposure is minimal.

Electromagnetic fields can and do make us sick.  I’m probably old enough to take the risk with brain cancer (70 this year).  But many of you are not.

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January 12, 2015 at 11:32 am