Interesting Information: Infograph: Vaccines

Interesting Information:  February 23, 2015

Infograph:  Vaccines

I brought home the latest Free Press today and saw there was another article by a local doctor promoting vaccines.  Said doctor acknowledged that the current flu shot (which is full of mercury) was not at all effective, but promoted it anyway, especially for children.  There was a touching story of a school nurse who sponsored a vaccine clinic that vaccinated lots and lots of children in her school.  The information that followed was totally anecdotal information, a repeating of the idea of herd immunity, and so forth.  There was not one mention of the fact that everyone in power (government, courts) has had to admit that vaccines are NOT safe for all people.  Or, effective for all people.

Most Americans today have this blind trust that what’s being said about the efficacy and safety of vaccines is true.  That trust is being built by people like this local doctor, whose article contains emotion, but no science.

I wrote to this doctor several months back and begged him to watch THE GREATER GOOD, to dig deeper into the vaccine “evidence,” to acknowledge the potential danger.  Clearly he has not done any homework at all, or he could never have written the article I just read.  Clearly he’s just going to go right along contributing to this growing problem of the chronic illnesses so many of our children today have–a problem he cites in what he wrote.  His solution:  Let’s just give them more and more vaccines.

My academic background is the study of how the market and culture relate, of systems of cultural power.  This whole vaccine thing is a poster child for the market effects that derive from the highjacking of science, from the endless repetition of lies that work to sell products (profit at any cost), from the people we should be able to trust repeating these lies over and over without ever investigating them at the most basic levels (and many of these people are also profiting from vaccines), and from the creation of lots and lots of fear at multiple levels.  The vaccine situation represents for me a massive breakdown of human sanity.  That so many people, people who love their children, could fall into such mob hysteria is certainly not a new thing in history.  But it is super sad, nevertheless…

Here’s a nice little infograph that came in over the email.

Maybe it will help people start to look deeper–and that’s all I care about really.  I believe that if they start to look deeper, they’ll see the problems for themselves.  I hope that happens before one of their children gets hurt.

Health Freedom Alliance – Vaccines Don’t Work. Here Are The Facts..

Interesting Information/Books: Commercial Bread Yeast: A Monoculture

Interesting Information/Books:  February 23, 2015

Commercial Bread Yeast:  A Monoculture

Michael Pollan, in COOKED…



…explains that “commercial yeast is a purified monoculture of S. cerevisiae, raised on a diet of molasses, then washed, dried, and powdered.  Like any monoculture, it does one thing predictably and well:  Feed it enough sugars and it will promptly cough up large quantities of carbon dioxide” (218-219).

Commercial yeast is an INDUSTRIAL product and bears no resemblance to traditional sourdough cultures.

So, what’s wrong with that?

Nutritionally, commercial yeast is very limiting.  Combine it with white flour, which is mostly just dead starches, and you’re eating something that fills you up, but provides very little in the way of nutrition.

Whole grains are much more biologically active and complex–think living cells–and much harder to control in an industrial setting (220-221).

A sourdough culture is a whole ecosystem, containing “at least twenty types of yeast and fifty different bacteria” (221).

Basically, baking with whole grains and a sourdough culture is all about “managing fermentation”–which can be tricky depending on the weather, the temperature, the strength and point of development of the sourdough culture, and when and how one feeds the sourdough culture.  It’s a process that can only be done by a dedicated, skilled baker.  The communities that are created in the traditional bread processes cannot be reduced to the “efficiency” that occurs in a factory.

Traditional whole grain sourdough bread can supply a lot of nutrition.  It’s too bad that there is so little of it available to most of us today.  It’s too bad that we’ve lost the taste of it in favor of the “white felt” we have instead.

Seek it out.  Bake it yourself.  Find substitutes for the factory bread as it’s not doing you any good at all.