Interesting Information: “Honesty vs. Policy”: Suzanne Humphries, MD

April 21, 2015

“Honesty vs. Policy”

Suzanne Humphries, MD

Suzanne Humphries, MD, is a nephrologist (kidneys) and internist who practiced at a Maine hospital before she quit due to the hospital giving her patients vaccines without her permission–vaccines which were making her fragile kidney patients much sicker. She tried her best to work within the hospital’s protocols to change the policy, but was isolated, demonized, scorned, and so forth.  (That’s the oldest industry story in town.)  She is so courageous.

She went on to research and write DISSOLVING ILLUSIONS with Roman Bystrianyk, which traces the history of significant diseases and the impact of vaccines on them.  (A review is on this blog.)

Here she gives invaluable information about many of the unintended consequences of current vaccine policy.  They’re pretty serious.  Best we all pay attention because this woman has done her homework and has a the credentials to understand where things are going so badly wrong.

The whole essay is broken into parts for easy viewing.

Honesty vs. Policy. Suzanne Humphries, MD – YouTube.

PS:  Dr. Humphries has a whole series of youtube videos if you are interested.

Interesting Information/Vaccines: CDC Uses Elmo to Sell Vaccines to Minors

Interesting Information:  April 21, 2015

CDC Uses Elmo to Sell Vaccines to Minors

In case you missed it, below you’ll find the Surgeon General’s appearance on Sesame Street, wherein he uses Elmo to sell vaccines to children.

I keep hearing doctors trying to reduce the seriousness of giving a child a vaccine to parental fears about needle pinprick and a child crying.  Most parents are far more worried about what that vaccines DOES inside their child.

Ginger Taylor, whose child has vaccine induced autism, is doing a smash up job of trying to educate the public about the REAL issues that vaccines pose and of which parents should be aware.

Anyway, if you’re so inclined, here’s the whole chain of tube videos:

Adventures in Autism: CDC Uses Elmo to Sell Vaccines to Minors.