Interesting Information/Vaccines: Measles and Measles Vaccines: 14 Things To Consider

Interesting Information/Vaccines:  April 23, 2015

Measles and Measles Vaccine:  14 Things to Consider

Roman Bystrianyk

Roman Bystrianyk researched and wrote DISSOLVING ILLUSIONS:  DISEASE, VACCINES, AND THE FORGOTTEN HISTORY with Suzanne Humphries, MD

Bystrianyk put together this fact sheet on measles and the measles vaccine, to include the history of both.

Maybe the most important fact of all is the following history:

1. Measles death rate had declined by almost 100% before the use of a measles vaccine

During the 1800s, measles was a notable cause of death. Epidemics occurred every few years causing a large influx of children into local hospital wards. In Glasgow, England From 1807-1812 measles accounted for 11% of all deaths. In the years from 1867-1872, 49% of children in a Paris orphanage who developed measles died. [2] Starting in the mid to late-1800s deaths from all infectious diseases, including measles, began to decline. By the 1930s in England and the United States the chance of dying from measles had dropped to 1-2 percent.

This paper contains some really good charts and graphs that clearly show that when Americans decided to “eradicate” measles, it had virtually already gone away–which is the prevailing pattern for diseases that come into being.

Now, today, ALL American children are expected to be put at risk for the measles shot and all the following boosters–since the shot does not work well in the first place.

This outcome and all the hysteria and politics going down right now are the work of the market, not health or safety.

The loss of civil rights to education and to control over one’s body is beyond astonishing–especially when based on such bad, bad “science” that was also done by…the market.

Do take some time to read this history.

Measles and Measles Vaccines: 14 Things To Consider | GreenMedInfo.

Turkey Tracks: “Octagons: Blue and Orange” Quilt

Turkey Tracks:  April 23, 2015

“Octagons:  Blue and Orange” Quilt

I’ve been working on a series of paper pieced color studies:  opposites on the color wheel–red/green, blue/orange, and purple/yellow.

These opposites really “pop” the two colors, don’t they?

Here’s the latest:  octagons separated by squares.

I saw a smaller version of paper pieced octagons with squares some time last year.  So I ordered the paper templates–not quite realizing that these patterns are measured by the size of each side, not the overall size of the octagon itself.

Then, LOL, I have to tell this on myself–it took me some time to realize that in essence this octagon is just a “snowball” block–only the separating squares are not part of the octagon itself–forming the square when each square block is pieced to the others.  Boy did I feel silly when the light bulb went off.


I used pearl cotton to quilt.  Orange in the middle and blues in the borders.



Then I went mad with buttons–but had so much fun.   (I like the geometric shapes that the quilting lines formed.)



Here’s a corner:


And here’s the first quilt in the series–to remind you–where I used Lucy Boston honeycomb templates.



Both quilts are hanging in or just outside my quilt room.


Interesting Information: Liver Detoxification: Starve or Nourish?

Interesting Information:  April 23, 2015

Liver Detoxification:  Starve or Nourish

Well, it’s spring, and our thoughts turn toward spring cleaning in all sorts of ways, including our bodies.

What about liver cleanses?

About this time of the year I start to hear people talking of juice cleanses and other ways they feel they need to detox their bodies from a winter of eating what they feel are heavier goods.

I’ve always believed that if we were eating nutrient dense foods–whatever the season–our bodies would be just fine because they’d be getting exactly what they need to function optimally.

This article by Tabitha Farrar, in the Weston A. Price Foundation’s journal Wise Traditions Fall 2014 discusses this whole issue of detoxing “cleanses.”


Liver Detoxification: Starve or Nourish? | Weston A Price.


Farrar is a health editor and writer, believer in eating nutrient-dense foods, and the author of the upcoming book LOVE FAT.  So, she is not a scientist or MD, but she does provide a “jumping off” place on this topic if you want to dig deeper.

First she notes the lack of medical literature to support claims that we need to detox.

Next, she explores how the liver actually works in our bodies–and comes to the conclusion that, for instance, the master cleanse promoted by Mike Olaski “might actually work to put stress on the liver and deprive it of nutrients, and consequently have the opposite effect of its purported claims.”

How?  She goes on to detail the pitfalls.  There are sidebars discussing other cleanses, including one devised by Dr. Oz.

She also notes that detoxification is an industry meant to sell you something.  So, beware.

Don’t confuse “cleansing” with “cleanliness.”

Remember that the liver is a filter.  Toxins don’t stay in the liver.  They are moved along.  And, hopefully, out.

But I am simplifying a more complex subject, which Farrar covers quite well.

Do read, as it’s always good to know how your body actually works.