Turkey Tracks: That Special Moment in Quilting

Turkey Tracks:  May 2, 2015

That Special Moment in Quilting

I spent most of Friday quilting a quilt on Lucy the longarm.



And by Friday late afternoon took the quilt off Lucy:


I was VERY pleased with the sort of mustard gold thread color I used as it worked really well on the front and the back:



I trimmed the quilt, sewed on the binding, and am now spend my nights sewing it down:


I cut up all of this quilt’s scraps–so that “the decks are cleared” so to speak.  And THAT is the special quilt moment–and it’s so special because it’s time to let other projects emerge, to let my imagination dance, to move on into the quilting future.

Fabrics for a new and much needed purse:



The pulling out of fabrics all folded together for another long-planned quilt:



And the return to the quilt blocks that call to me often, often:



Oh my goodness!  Quilting is so exciting!

Interesting Information/Vaccines: Testimony to the Maine Legislature, Suzanne Humphries MD

Interesting Information/Vaccines:  May 3, 2015

Testimony to the Maine Legislature:  Dr. Suzanne Humphries

Tomorrow the Maine Legislature–in a stunning and hysterical political piling on and with total disregard of the actual science and history of vaccines–will hear testimony about removing parental rights to make informed choices about their children’s’ health.  The specific issue here is vaccines, yes, but this issue is larger and involves ongoing state and medical tyranny about a sovereign individual’s right to control his/her own body and that of their children.  The next move will be to compel adults to undergo an intensive “catch up” of their own vaccine situations.

Look around you:  children ARE being taken away from their parents to undergo invasive, caustic, and toxic medical treatments that way too often do not work.

Here is Dr. Suzanne Humphries testimony to the Maine legislature.

I hope you read it–because if you do you will see what is so, so wrong with this vaccine situation.

Testimony to the Maine Legislature, Suzanne Humphries MD | Suzanne Humphries, MD.

And, here is a link to just one of the medical horror stories that are going on in this country today.