Interesting Information: Statin Drugs Video from the Bought Movie Website

Interesting Information:  July 27, 2015

Statin Drugs Video

From the BOUGHT Movie Website

Here’s a little video (5 minutes I think) about statin drugs.

Statins are prescribed for inflammation, even though the drug harms your muscles.

Inflammation is caused by poor diet, especially eating too much sugar.  (Remember that grains and white carbs turn into sugar–so eat them in moderation.)

Why not just change your diet?

It amazes me that in the face of all the evidence of the dangers statins pose that docs still prescribe them.

I think some docs are profitting, but I also think if docs don’t follow the “standards of care,” which include statins, they can be and are punished.  So it is up to us to be informed consumers.  As has been true from the beginning of medicine, there are some caring wonderful docs and some who are just leaches on society.  And it’s harder than ever telling who is who.

There is a lot of info on statins on this blog, including the work of Dr. Stefanie Seneff, who runs a research team out of MIT.

Statin Drugs – Bought Movie.

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2 thoughts on “Interesting Information: Statin Drugs Video from the Bought Movie Website”

  1. My doctor and I have had several conversations about statins. He wants me to take them for cholesterol and I won’t. I took them for two years and my muscles as well as my brain were turning to mush! I won’t take them now, no matter what dark pictures of heart failure and other issues he presents. If I’m alive, I want to be functioning! So I’ve changed my diet on my own. He can prescribe them, and look good, but no one can make me fill the prescription. =)

    1. good for you. There is so much good science out now about statins and how dangerous and ineffective they are, so in my opinion, it’s immoral and unethical for docs to still be recommending them. They work for Big Pharma for the most part. Not for us.

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