Interesting Information: Vaccines: Mercury in Flu Shots

Interesting Information:  November 3, 2015

Flu Shot Season

Everywhere I go these days, there are signs advertising the availability of not only flu shots, but a host of other vaccines as well.

Who, may I ask, in the grocery store is qualified to give a flu shot???

Who in the grocery store is going to help you when you have a possible reaction.  (The most recent awards of the vaccine court have been for adults hurt by the flu shot.)

This analysis came through my Facebook account this morning, but it is not new information.



Giving this shot to a pregnant woman has never been tested for safety for her or for the baby.

Ditto for children or the elderly.

I heard an ad on the radio coming home today for a “super flu shot” for the elderly.

Dear god…

…do not forgive them for they do know what they are doing.

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